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Hero electric cycle in association with Yamaha – Launch price Rs 1.3 L

Hero electric cycle

To make rides more fun and less tiring for mountain cyclists and adventure seekers, Pankaj Munjal-promoted Hero Cycles has launched Lectro EHX20 e-cycle. Priced at Rs 1.3 lakh, Lectro EHX20 is India’s first Centre Motor E-Cycle.

As compared to standard e-cycles that are powered via rear hub motors, Lectro EHX20 electric motor is located directly between the pedals. E-cycles with rear hub motors are meant for cycling on flat surfaces, but e-cycles like Lectro EHX20 can easily take on steep inclines and mountainous terrain.

Lectro EHX20 has been developed jointly by Hero Cycles, Yamaha and Mitsui & Co. The e-cycle is manufactured in India at Hero Cycles’ manufacturing unit in Ghaziabad and most components are sourced locally. The motor on-board the e-cycle has been imported from Yamaha. Mitsui has contributed by working on technical aspects of the e-bike.

Hero Cycles Lectro EHX20 is equipped with Pedal Assist technology and advanced sensors including speed sensor, crank sensor and torque sensor. These allow a seamless combination of manual peddling and power being supplied to the pedals by the electric motor. The e-cycle can be operated manually, in electric mode and in the combination of manual plus electric.

The battery powering the motor can be charged in around 3.5 hours. On a full charge, Lectro EHX20 can cover a distance of 60-70 km. When used in electric mode, Lectro EHX20 can ride at a speed of 25 kmph. When used in combination mode, top speed can touch 35 kmph.

Priced at Rs 1.3 lakh, Hero Cycles Lectro EHX20 is unlikely to focus on volumes. The advantageous factor for Hero is that adventure and mountain cycling is an emerging segment in India and there’s plenty of scope for growth in the coming years.

As per estimates by Hero Cycles, around 20 million bicycles will be sold in the country by 2023. Out of these, around 10% will comprise e-cycles. With Lectro EHX20, Hero Cycles has gained an early lead in this segment. The company has plans to launch more such products in the future.

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