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Hero Electric online discounts up to Rs 5,000 till May 15

Hero electric scooters can be booked online for a token amount of Rs 2,999 (non-refundable)

Hero Electric, the biggest electric two-wheeler brand in India, has announced compelling online discounts for its entire range. However, the low-capacity Flash which utilises a lead-acid battery is excluded from the offer. The discount benefits are applicable till 15 May 2020. Interested buyers can book the e-scooter of their choice online for Rs 2,999. This is a non-refundable amount unless the lockdown is extended beyond June.

Deliveries will take place once the lockdown protocols are withdrawn; up to 30 June 2020. Hero Electric’s Glyde and e-Cycle models receive a cash discount of Rs 3,000 while the rest of the line-up gets Rs 5,000 off from their regular asking price. Additionally, Rs 1,000 is offered to existing customers for references.

At present, Hero Electric’s product portfolio includes eight models: Flash, Nyx, Optima, Photon, Flash, Dash, Glyde and e-Cycle, alongside their ER (Extended Range) variants. The launch of its first e-motorcycle has been postponed. Hero Electric was the first brand in India to introduce a lithium-ion electric scooter.

Hero Electric

The EV manufacturer has a base of about 2.5 lakh customers and aims to double its production capacity from the present one lakh units per annum. Furthermore, it will expand its existing sales network from 600+ to 800+ outlets by the end of this year. The goal is to make Hero Electric products accessible to even the remotest parts of the country.

Meanwhile, the company is working on an aggressive product strategy in the next three years by ramping up its production capacity to five lakh units per annum. The focus would be mainly on low-speed models for last-mile connectivity. For better accessibility, Hero Electric has tied up with leading financial firms for an easier and stress-free buying experience.

Speaking about the new discount schemes, Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric shared that he strongly believes that scooter buyers are slowly making a switch to cleaner modes of transport. The new online discounts would be a “little sweetener” to give a gentle nudge towards purchasing an electric scooter.

Hero Electric claims that the environment is slowly healing itself as people maintain social distancing. In fact, pollution levels in India have dropped down substantially due to lesser dust and emissions from petrol or diesel vehicles. As mentioned by the company CEO, there is an evolving tendency among scooter buyers to consider an EV over a conventional petrol alternative. Hero Electric, being a brand that promotes eco-friendly mobility and environment conservation, intends to keep this trend active.


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