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Hero Electric Scooter Dealers Register Record Footfalls – Thanks To Rise In Petrol Prices

Hero Electric Scooter
Hero Electric Scooter

Petrol and diesel prices continued to soar to new heights as rates were hiked for the 12th consecutive day on Saturday

Rising fuel prices over the past several weeks has caused some concerns to consumers. Following the most recent price hike, petrol now stands at Rs 90.58 per liter, while diesel is at Rs. 80.97 per liter in Delhi. This has led to consumers seeking alternative measures to counter such rising expense and higher cost of ownership.

Use of public transport is also looked upon with some trepidation due to the ongoing pandemic, making the consumer turn towards alternative options of travel. It is here that electric vehicles come into play and EV makers in the country have been noting higher demand.

The Government of India has also unveiled the ‘Go Electric’ initiative with a logo being released and an exhibition held wherein electric e-buses, e-cars, 3-wheelers, and 2-wheelers were on display along with Fast and Slow Chargers.

Hero Electric Dealerships Note Rising Footfalls

Dealerships have been reporting rising footfalls with customers seeing test rides of these electric bikes. Buyers are also seeking exchange options to trade in their existing petrol powered vehicles for electric models.

Hero Electric scooters
Hero Electric Scooter Dealer

Hero Electric has stated that over the past few weeks, dealerships have been seeing increased footfalls and the Hero City Speed NYX electric scooter has been much in demand. Launched in October 2020, this e-scooter is priced at Rs.64,640 and offers a range starts at 82 km per charge going upto 210 km per charge, depending on battery size.

Hero Electric Bikes

Hero Electric also offers City Speed e-bikes Optima and Photon. These e-scooters offer affordable mobility solution especially under the present scenario and hence customers are not only coming into dealerships asking for test rides but are also seeking exchange options to trade in their petrol scooters.

Hero’s City Speed range offers better long terms saving and lower cost of maintenance, especially along with the Central Government’s FAME II scheme. An electric scooter has several advantages over an ICE scooter. It brings expenses on regular maintenance, spares and fuel down to zero while each of these vehicles offer best in class efficiencies in terms of speed, pickup and performance even under heavy traffic conditions.

Hero Electric’s City Speed e-Bikes, Optima, Nyx, and Photon, in the light weight, city speed and high performance range, offer low running costs and command high load carrying capabilities. They boast of an attractive design and are fitted with a host of connectivity features.

The e-scooters offer complete solutions to B2B customer with 90 percent plus uptime and swappable infrastructure with minimum cost of ownership and zero emissions. The bikes are ideally suited for city and office travel, made especially convenient with the company having a total of 750+ charging stations set up across the country.

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