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Hero Electric Scooters 5 Year Warranty For Lithium Ion Range – Best in Class

Hero Electric Scooter Warranty
Hero Electric Scooter

5-year warranty announced for Hero lithium-ion electric scooter range

Hero Electric has announced 5-year warranty for its lithium-ion electric scooter range. Comprehensive warranty covers the complete scooter. That is, except battery and the charger. The company says the convenience is on offer with no hidden conditions. And at no extra cost to customers. In the electric scooter segment, such long-ranging warranty is a first of its kind.

Warranty is available to customers that purchase a lithium battery powered scooter between 1st January to 31st March 2021. The initiative, which runs through Q4 FY21 could help the manufacturer improve sales for the concerned quarter.

And thereby, offer a final boost to FY21 sales. A period that’s been most uncertain, having gotten off to the slowest start possible. This was owing to Covid-19 pandemic related lockdown, and business limitations.

Hero Electric lithium-ion scooters

Based on response, and feedback for the ongoing warranty offer, Hero Electric will take further decisions. This includes making it a regular offering on all its Lithium-Ion battery powered scooters. Since beginning ops, Hero Electric has rolled out a multitude of offers. They’ve ranged from affordable pricing, to customized vehicles to cater to specific needs of retail and business consumers.

Hero Electric Scooter
Hero Electric Scooter

5-year warranty initiative is aimed to further accelerate the shift to EVs. On the business front, measures and initiatives are curated with focus on increasing the number of footfalls at dealerships. This is possible on the back of multiple offers that make it worth the potential customers’ time.

However, as the dialogue around EVs remains fragmented, and customer knowhow low, it’s up to EV manufacturers to be able to attract customers. For now, the onus lies on EV makers since customer knowhow isn’t up to scratch. With the expectation that EV infra will improve, manufacturers can hope for improved purchase conversions.

Improved resale value of Hero electric scooters

Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric said, “The comprehensive warranty is a confidence building measure that will eliminate the uncertainty about the trouble-free usage of Hero bikes as well as improve its resale value. This warranty comes on close heels of introducing a much-improved battery chemistry that ensure long life and great performance of Hero electric bikes even in the 50 degrees temperatures of the Rajasthan summers.”

“At Hero, with our City Speed bikes offer ‘great value for money’ and we believe that with this latest offering, a prospective customer would be encouraged to buy an electric scooter over a much costlier, fuel guzzling bikes that are also high on running costs and repetitive maintenance.”

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