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Hero MotoCorp Garden factory by William McDonough + Partners

Hero MotoCorp Neemrana plant project showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability and employee health and happiness. Hero plant is built with sustainable design features in mind. Electricity from solar PV panels, clean filtered indoor air, irrigated water for local vegetation, cool ambient temperatures, carbon dioxide for feeding vegetation, locally-produced food, and creation of jobs for the surrounding community are catered to.

Hero MotoCorp Neemrana plant design includes an exoskeleton, a support structure above the roof to free up interior space and accommodate manufacturing process while offering flexibility for future equipment changes. The exoskeleton improves energy efficiency by reducing interior volume so ambient temperatures can be controlled more easily. Large roof areas are vegetated with native, drought-tolerant plants to assist in capturing rainwater, and shade the roof from harsh sunlight to reduce air conditioning needs by 20%. A diagonal steel bracing supports a rooftop solar array doing away with the need for additional structure. The south-facing solar photovoltaic panels are responsible for about 1.5 Megawatts of electricity for the building.

Skylights and eye-level windows let plant workers keep nature close while decreasing electricity costs through natural sunlight during work hours. Studies reveal increased productivity is positively correlated with exposure to natural lighting an outdoor view. An interior ‘bio-wall’ of vegetation filters contaminants that aids the ductless, positively pressurised air handler in the facility.

Rooftop greenhouses use hydroponics among other techniques to grow food to deliver to the plant canteen and local community. A visitor centre, viewing mezzanine, and tower helps share the company’s manufacturing experience with the public. William McDonough opines the idea that factories are dirty has been carried over from yesteryears. Hero MotoCorp’s new facility shows a new path forward for clean production to enhance quality of life for those who interact with the plant. The facility aims to share its sustainability mission, and is a shining example of modern clean industrial production.

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