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Hero MotoCorp motorcycle maintenance tips during lock down – Video

In order to safeguard your vehicles condition during this lockdown, Hero MotoCorp has shared a few tips via video

The ongoing COVISD-19 pandemic has seen both humans and vehicles in lock down mode. Our world is in the grips of COVID-19 pandemic, life itself has been thrown off balance. Everyone has been facing constraints in terms of daily routine. People have been advised to stay safe and remain indoors and the lock down has affected everyone both emotionally and economically.

With everybody staying indoors and even the corporate sector directing employees to work from home, there are a minuscule amount of vehicles on the roads. However, both four and two wheelers have to be maintained well during this period so that they are in perfect working condition once normal life resumes.

Here are some tips offered by Hero MotoCorp on how to maintain a two wheeler during these trying times. As a safety and preventive measure during this period, it is advised that gloves and face mask are worn while maintaining the bike and that hands are washed with soap once done.

How to maintain your motorcycle during lockdown

1. Use the central stand – This central stand allows the motorcycle to be kept in an upright position without it leaning on its sides and parked on a flat surface. This ensures that the weight of the bike is equally distributed. Use of the side stand makes the load acting on bearings and other pivotal points more angular and could lead to misalignment in the long run thus affecting the performance of the bike.

2. Start bike once a week – For the proper fuel circulation, the engine should be started at least once a week and left idle for around 5-8 minutes so that the engine oil circulates and all internal components are well lubricated and the battery is recharged.

3. Ensure proper lubrication – A parked bike also needs regular lubrication. It is necessary to keep parts such as the chain, suspension, clutch and brake pivot points well lubricated. Once should check if the bike needs lubrication at least every 10 days as this prevents parts from rust and prolongs the life of the bike along with smoother functioning once the lockdown period has been lifted.

4. Rotate bike on spot – The bike should be rotated on the spot at least once a week so as to maintain proper balance and so as to take pressure off one particular spot while spreading the weight evenly on both sides.

5. Maintain optimum fuel levels – There should be a minimum level of fuel and oil in the bike so that it can be started every few days and all parts are properly lubricated. The engine should never be allowed to dry out while the bike is not being used for a prolonged period of time. A well lubricated engine and parts will ensure the proper functioning of the bike once the lock down is lifted.

6. Proper cover for protection – The two wheeler should be kept covered when not in use. If the owner does not have a covered parking spot, then a proper protective cover should be used which will shield the two wheeler from dust, harsh sunlight and bird droppings. Rodents can also cause much damage to a two wheeler parked for a long period. They have been known to chew cables and plastic components and these should be checked on a regular basis.

7. Maintain brakes – With your bike parked for long time, it can result in the brakes becoming either too loose or too tight. Both these conditions are very dangerous and hence brakes are recommended to be tightened as per requirement.

Following each of these above tips on bike maintenance will ensure a well functioning two wheeler once life returns to normal post lockdown in India ends.

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