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Hero MotoCorp Sales, Exports Nov 2020 – Splendor, Pleasure, Xpulse, Xtreme

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Hero MotoCorp domestic dispatches and exports were both reported at YoY growth for November 2020

Hero MotoCorp’s claim to fame is the mass market commuter Splendor motorcycle. It’s the fulcrum around which the majority of the manufacturer’s business depends on. The motorcycle isn’t only a top seller for the company. But one that dominates the entire two-wheeler industry.

In November 2020, Splendor wholesales was reported at 1,97,899 units. That’s 8.88 percent YoY growth at volume gain of 16,142 units, up from 1,81,757 units. It captured 34.36 percent share of all Hero MotorCorp dispatches for the month.

Of course, Splendor’s splendid performance doesn’t end there. Over time, Splendor range was expanded to include the Plus and iSmart variant. There’s also a Black and accent edition. A comprehensive range gives Hero a convincing lead in the 100cc and 110cc segments. This also means, cumulative Splendor sales are even higher.

Addition of a further 50,499 units took total Splendor dispatches closer to 2.5 lakh units last month. HF Deluxe was a close second at 31.15 percent share. Dispatch grew 12.46 percent, up 19,882 units at 1,79,426 units from 1,59,544 units. In fact, both motorcycles accounted for just 75 percent of all domestic dispatches.

Hero MotoCorp Domestic Sales Nov 2020
Hero MotoCorp Domestic Sales Nov 2020

Hero scooters and higher displacement bikes

The remainder of Hero’s portfolio is unable to replicate quite the same success. Hero Passion accounted for just under 10 percent share at 36.04 percent growth. Wholesales grew to 53,768 units from 39,525 units at volume gain of 14,243 units. Glamour sales fell. At 8.21 percent YoY decline, dispatches contracted to 39,899 units from 43,470 units. Though the company sells motorcycles by the dozen, so far, it’s been unable to replicate the same success with scooters.

Pleasure scooter sales grew at 6.67 percent, up at 19,707 units from 18,474 units. Destini 125 sales growth was robust at 100 percent. Sales doubled at 15,515 units from 7,744 units. Maestro sales grew to 12,412 units, up from 7,143 units. Hero finds even fewer takers for its higher displacement bikes. Xtreme 160R, a fairly new launch saw 5,460 units dispatched. XPulse 200 performance crumbled. Wholesales contracted to 1,372 units from 2,936 units.

Hero MotoCorp Exports Nov 2020
Hero MotoCorp Exports Nov 2020

Hero MotoCorp exports in November 2020

And while Hero MotoCorp exercises complete dominance in the domestic front, its exports were at a bare minimal. Those numbers were as low as 16,801 in totality. Compare this with domestic wholesales of 5,75,957 units. At home, the company reported 13.80 percent YoY growth, up from 5,06,094 units.

In the export front, Splendor again topped the list with total 4,764 units exported. Both Splendor variant exports were similar at 2,454 units, and 2,310 units. HF Deluxe followed with 2,782 units. That of course was on the back of healthy growth at just under 50 percent, up from 1,872 units. Hunk exports stood at 2,549 units. Another product not on sale here. Xpulse 200 exports were reported at 1,434 units. In fact, that’s more than what was sold in India last month.

Achiever exports grew to 1,266 units. Duet was just shy of 1.1k units. Both from the Xtreme range, 200, and 150 saw numbers reported at 980, and 827, respectively. Currently, both bikes are not available for domestic sales – replaced by Xtreme 160R. While all the above products reported growth, Maestro exports fell. At 26.84 percent decline, sales fell to just under 500 units. Precisely, 496. Numbers reported for Destini 125 are on the same spectrum at 432 units. Last on the list with lowest export units were reserved for Hero Glamour. The glamour it enjoys in the domestic market is clearly lost overseas. Numbers were as low as 179 units.

December deals and discounts from Hero

In keeping the momentum going at the fag end of 2020, dealers have introduced a wide range of discounts. December deals are a great encouragement for potential customers. Especially since the preceding festive season saw most buyers schedule purchases then. And in the hope the Q4 ends positively, December proves to be a decent month for deals and discounts.

This makes sense as it’s an ideal way of ensuring MY20 stock is dispatched before the year ends. From the customer’s perspective, year end purchases prove to be a saving given the price hikes initiated in the new year when new model year vehicles are sold. This despite the fact that only the model year changes. One doesn’t expect any changes to the vehicle being sold.

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