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Hero Passion XPro Spied During TVC Shoot – Is It For India?

Global offering Passion XPro spotted shooting commercial in India
Global offering Passion XPro spotted shooting commercial in India

Hero Passion XPro on sale in Bangladesh is powered by a 109.15cc engine – Different from India-spec Passion’s 113.2cc engine

A new Hero motorcycle has been spied in India, while it was out for a TVC shoot. It is a Hero Passion XPro. This motorcycle is on sale in a few global markets like Bangladesh. There, Hero offers two colours, Techno Blue and Sports Red. Base coat is grey and gets Blue or Red decals depending on its colour.

The one spotted in India is in a Techno Blue shade. Hero offers Passion XPro the exact same front fascia of India-spec Passion XTEC. Even its ‘H’ shaped LED signature is identical too and lends a modern and techy appeal.

Hero Passion XPro Spied

Hero has offered extended tank shrouds. Design is sleek and slender, lending it an athletic appeal. At the rear, there is an all-new tail light which has no similarities with the Indian 110cc lineup. Hero’s proprietary XTEC suite with a fully digital instrument console and Bluetooth connectivity are notable elements.

We can spot similar componentry between Hero’s 110cc lineup in India and recently spotted Hero Passion XPro. Except for its engine. Which is a 109.15cc unit, completely different from India-spec 113.2cc motor. The same 109.15cc engine was on offer on Passion XPro on sale in India, which didn’t make the BS6 P1 transition in 2020.

Comparison with Indian 113.2cc engine
Top – Passion XPro, Middle – Passion XPro Bangladesh-spec, Bottom – India-spec Passion Pro

In the picture, we can see that the India-spec 113.2 cc engine (below) has a larger heat jacket and even looks more substantial and fuller than Passion XPro’s 109.15cc engine (above). The recently spotted Passion XPro in India is equipped with the older 109.15cc engine which didn’t make the BS6 P1 transition and not the BS6 P2-compliant 113.2cc engine.

Hero Passion XPro spied in India during TVC shoot
Hero Passion XPro spied in India during TVC shoot

Also, Hero offers older engines in a few markets. For example, Hero still makes a 150cc Hunk and exports it with an identical engine we used to get close to a decade ago. It is likely that Hero MotoCorp is shooting an advert for Passion XPro in India to market it in another country. This is a common practice and many India-spec vehicles get their adverts shot elsewhere too.

100cc Motorcycles rule the market

Analysing the Indian budget commuter segment, most action lies in 100cc space. Hero’s own 110cc motorcycles don’t make as much buzz as their 100cc offerings. For example, Passion is exclusively (as of now) a brand for 110cc offerings in Hero’s lineup.

In March 2023, Passion line sold just 4,640 units, while Splendor range accounted for 2,88,605 units (most of them 100cc) and 56,290 units of 100cc HF lineup. Even the 125cc Glamour line sold 8,512 units. As we recently saw with Passion Plus 100, Hero is actually diversifying its 100cc portfolio. Which is where all the action is currently lying. Even Honda recognised this and has launched Shine 100.

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