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Hero Price List Sep 2021 – Splendor, Passion, Deluxe, Pleasure, Maestro, Destini

Hero Splendor Price List Sep 2021
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Most two-wheeler manufacturers have increased prices multiple times this year due to rising input costs

India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp has increased prices of its scooters and motorcycles at least three times this year. These were mostly due to increasing commodity prices.

While manufacturers try to absorb much of the increased production cost, there comes a time when some of it has to be passed on to customers. In the latest round of price hike, Hero has increased prices by around Rs 3k. The new prices have been applicable from September 20th.

Hero Motorcycles Price List Sep 2021

India’s favourite commuter bike and the company’s top selling product, Splendor prices have been increased for select variants. For example, Splendor Plus Self/Drum/Alloy now costs Rs 67,160 as compared to Rs 66,050 earlier.

Similarly, prices have been increased for Splendor iSmart Drum/Alloy, Splendor Plus 100 Million Edition, Splendor Plus Black and Accent Self/Drum/Alloy and Super Splendor variants. Overall, the Splendor range is costlier by up to Rs 1,700. Prices of select Splendor variants, especially the base-spec models, have not been increased.

Hero Motorcycles Price List Sep 2021
Hero Motorcycles Price List Sep 2021

Other motorcycles that have become costlier include Xpulse 200, Xpulse 200T, and Xtreme 200S. Xpulse 200 and 200T have become costlier by Rs 2,350 each. New prices are Rs 1,23,150 and Rs 1,20,650, respectively. Hero Xtreme 200S now costs Rs 1,27,364, an increase of Rs 3,350. Prices of these three motorcycles were increased earlier this year in April as well. At that time, the price hike was Rs 3k for each of these motorcycles.

Hero MotoCorp Sep-21
No Motorcycles New Price, Ex-Delhi
1 Xtreme 160R Disc 1,11,610
2 Xtreme 160R Double Disc 1,14,660
3 Xtreme 160R 100M Edition 1,16,460
4 Xtreme 200S 1,27,364
5 Xpulse 200 1,23,150
6 Xpulse 200T 1,20,650
7 Glamour Drum 75,900
8 Glamour Disc 79,900
9 Glamour Blaze Drum 76,900
10 Glamour Blaze Disc 80,900
11 Glamour 100M Drum 77,700
12 Glamour 100M Disc 81,700
13 Glamour X-Tec Drum 80,500
14 Glamour X-Tec Disc 85,100
15 Splendor iSmart Drum 69,650
16 Splendor iSmart Disc 72,350
17 Passion Pro Drum 70,375
18 Passion Pro Disc 73,300
19 Passion Pro Drum 100M 72,175
20 Passion Pro Disc 100M 75,100
21 Splendor Plus Kick Start 64,850
22 Splendor Plus Self Start 67,160
23 Splendor Plus i3S 68,360
24 Splendor Plus Black Accent 68,860
25 Splendor Plus 100M 70,710
26 HF Deluxe Spoke Wheel 52,700
27 HF Deluxe Kick Start 53,700
28 HF Deluxe Self Start 61,900
29 HF Deluxe Self Start i3S Black 62,500
30 HF Deluxe Self Start i3S 63,400
31 Super Splendor Drum 73,900
32 Super Splendor Disc 77,600

Hero will soon launch Xpulse with a new, more powerful 4-valve engine. The current unit has a 2-valve head setup. A 4-valve system improves combustion, thereby improving performance and torque output. Fuel efficiency can also be increased with a 4-valve engine. Xpulse 4V will also get cosmetic updates such as new colour options and graphics.

In its current form, Xpulse is powered by a 200cc, oil cooled motor that makes 17.8 bhp at 8500 rpm and 16.45 Nm at 6500 rpm. It is mated to a 5-speed constant mesh transmission. This engine is shared by Xpulse 200T and Xtreme 200S.

Hero Scooters Price List Sep 2021
Hero Scooters Price List Sep 2021

Hero Scooters Price List Sep 2021

Hero Maestro Edge 110 prices have been increased in the range of Rs 1,349 to Rs 1,650. The 100 Million Edition now costs Rs 68,599. Hero Maestro Edge 125 prices have been increased in the range of Rs 1,200 to Rs 2,150. The highest price hike is for Maestro Edge 125 Alloy Disc Prismatic Plus Connected variant that now costs Rs 81,900.

Destini 125 prices have been increased in the range of Rs 750 to Rs 1,200. Destini 125 Alloy Drum VX Platinum now costs Rs 75,900. Prices of Pleasure Plus are up by Rs 1,350 to Rs 1,450. Pleasure Plus Platinum Alloy Drum ZX variant is available at Rs 66,400.

Hero MotoCorp Sep-21
No Scooters New Price, Ex-Delhi
1 Destini 125 Drum 70,400
2 Destini 125 Alloy 73,950
3 Destini 125 Platinum 75,900
4 Destini 125 100M 75,500
5 Maestro 125 Drum 73,450
6 Maestro 125 Disc 77,900
7 Maestro Stealth Black 76,750
8 Maestro 125 – Connected 81,900
9 Maestro 110 VX 65,900
10 Maestro 110 ZX 66,900
11 Maestro 110 100M 68,500
12 Pleasure Plus LX 61,900
13 Pleasure Plus VX 64,200
14 Pleasure Plus ZX Platinum 66,400

Recent price hike by Hero MotoCorp is unlikely to have any major impact on sales. The numbers are expected to be high during the peak festive season, just as it has been in previous years.

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