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Hero Prices July 2022 – Splendor, Passion, Glamour, Maestro, Destini, Xpulse

Hero MotoCorp has increased prices of both its motorcycle range and scooter range in July 2022 – Here are new vs old prices

2022 Hero Passion XTEC
2022 Hero Passion XTEC

Hero MotoCorp has been the number one motorcycle manufacturer in India. They are like the Maruti Suzuki of motorcycles. Hero MotoCorp is primarily associated with budget commuters and then comes the performance motorcycles. But somehow, Xtreme 160R has clocked an impressive 2175.94% YoY growth in June 2022 over June 2021.

But as input prices keep on rising, manufacturers tend to take some load off of them and place it on customers. Hero has increased prices across its range and some models are affected more and some, not so much. We’ll take a look at what’s what.

Hero Motorcycle Prices July 2022

At the top of Hero MotoCorp sales charts are their budget commuters while performance-oriented motorcycles like XPulse 200 series and Xtreme 160R are at the lower end of the sales charts. But they’re no slouch, it’s just that the sales magnitude of budget commuters in India completely overshadows the rest of the lineup.

In this latest Hero MotoCorp price hike, their cheapest motorcycles are the ones to get the highest hike. Hero HF 100 and HF Deluxe are their most affordable motorcycles. Hero HF 100 gets a 7.7% hike amounting to Rs. 4,000 and HF Deluxe gets a 6.81% hike amounting to Rs. 3,820. Now, HF 100 costs Rs. 55,450 and HF Deluxe costs Rs. 59,890 (ex-sh, Delhi).

Hero Motorcycle Prices July 2022 - New vs Old
Hero Motorcycle Prices July 2022 – New vs Old

Pricier bikes belonging to XPulse series have been hiked by Rs. 3,628 and Xtreme 160R by around Rs. 2,800. Glamour range of motorcycles have received around Rs. 1,200 hike and now cost between Rs 77,600 to Rs 88,820. Coming to Hero Splendor range, they received Rs. 1,028 hike in July 2022. Latest prices of Splendor ranges from Rs 70,408 to Rs 71,728 while Super Splendor is priced from Rs 77,200.

Hero Passion Pro series got Rs. 1,500 hike, and now ranges from Rs 72,320 to Rs 77,120. In terms of motorcycles, HF 100 and HF Deluxe received the highest hike and Splendor series get the lowest.

Hero Scooter Prices July 2022

Coming to the Hero MotoCorp scooter prices in July 2022, Pleasure+ XTEC variants got the highest hike of Rs. 1,630 and Destini 125 STD only received a hike of Rs. 300. Other Destini 125 variants got Rs. 1,300 price hike and Maestro 125 got a price hike of Rs. 1,428.

Hero MotoCorp Scooters Price List July 2022- New vs Old
Hero MotoCorp Scooters Price List July 2022- New vs Old

Interestingly, there is no price hike on the Maestro 110 ZX Drum variant. It is the only model that didn’t get any price hike for July 2022. It continues to be on sale for the same price as last month, that is Rs 66,820. All prices above are ex-sh, Delhi.

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