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Hero Quark 1 electric concept can be scooter as well as rickshaw

Hero Quark 1 electric concept is a one-of-a-kind ‘class-changing vehicle’ that can switch between a two-wheeler and three-wheeler.

Hero MotoCorp has introduced a rather interesting concept vehicle in Jaipur, the city in which the brand’s state-of-the-art R&D facility (Centre of Innovation and Technology) is situated. Dubbed as the Quark 1, the first-of-its-kind EV can ‘change its class’ between a two-wheeler and three-wheeler. The ‘2-in-1’ vehicle concept comes under the Indian brand’s Hero Hatch Electric Modular Mobility project.

The Hero Quark 1 is aimed to reduce vehicle density of Indian roads, especially the contribution of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). In this regard, the Quark 1 combines an L5 three-wheeler and L2 two-wheeler in a single package. The categories, L5 and L2, are designated by the Motor Vehicles Act of India. Even though it is still in an early concept avatar, the goal of the product is clear.

Hero Quark 1 electric concept
Hero Quark 1 electric concept. Image – ET Auto

Hero MotoCorp targets the Quark 1 for personal as well as commercial use such as e-commerce and product deliveries. The feasibility of such a project is still uncertain, but the concept gathered a lot of attention at its debut event. Hero MotoCorp unveiled four new motorcycles in its regular product portfolio on the very same day and the quirky Quark 1 concept seems to be from an entirely different sphere of automobiles. It is also worth the wait to know what class it will belong to in its Registration Certificate.

One might have doubts as to how the design is made possible. Even though it is regarded as a ‘two-wheeler in a three-wheeler’, wouldn’t the combined product be a four-wheeler with the rear wheel of the scooter coming in the middle? Furthermore, from the angle of the images, it is unsure whether the fourth wheel (the rear scooter-wheel) would come in contact with the ground. Hero MotoCorp states that the rear wheel of the scooter unit is retractable to make way for the three-wheeler cabin.

The Quark 1 is powered by Hero MotoCorp’s M360 and AMSEP (Advanced Modular Scalable Electric Powertrain) technology. Other features include battery monitoring, customisable user profile, GPS and of course, the individual advantages of a two-wheeler and three-wheeler (one at a time). As seen in modern electric vehicles with connectivity, OTA (Over The Air) updates will ensure that the vehicle is in a continuous stage of improvement.

Hero MotoCorp shares that the idea behind the Quark 1 came from horses. In olden times, horses were used in different scenarios such as personal transport, cargo delivery, pulling carts and even for ammunition supply and front-end combat during wars. To an extent, the Hero Quark 1 concept is a multi-utility mobility solution like a horse, even though its battleground would be every-day Indian traffic.

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