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Hero Sales, Exports Breakup Sep 2021 – Splendor, Glamour, Pleasure, Destini

New Hero Splendor
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Hero MotoCorp sold 5,05,954 two-wheelers in September 2021 as opposed to 6,97,293 units in September 2020

The automotive industry has been reeling under the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 for a very long time and now it has been facing a semiconductor chips shortage for several months which has adversely hit production across different segments. Even the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer hasn’t been left untouched.

Production of Hero MotoCorp, like most other OEMs in India, has taken a hit during the recent crisis of semiconductor chip shortage. This has resulted in low sales and exports volumes. However, things appear to be stabilizing very slowly with production improving gradually.

Hero Sales, Exports Breakup Sep 2021 – Splendor Continues Old Charm

A total of 5,05,954 two-wheelers were sold by Hero MotoCorp last month which translated to a 27.44 percent YoY decline. On the other hand, the bikemaker witnessed an MoM growth of 17.37 percent. Splendor topped the list of domestic sales in September this year with 2,77,836 units sold as compared to 2,41,703 units sold in August this year. This resulted in MoM growth of 15 percent.

However, marginal YoY degrowth of 0.86 percent was recorded since 2,80,250 units of the 100cc motorcycle were sold in September 2020. Splendor was followed by another 100cc bike in the form of HF Deluxe with a registered sales volume of 1,34,539 units. This led to a negative YoY growth of 37.77 and a positive MoM growth of 17.42 percent.

Hero MotoCorp Sales Breakup Sep 2021 vs Sep 2020 (YoY)
Hero MotoCorp Sales Breakup Sep 2021 vs Sep 2020 (YoY)

Pleasure- most sold scooter

The third spot was taken by Glamour with 26,866 units dispatched across the country last month. This translated to a YoY decline of 61.33 percent and an MoM growth of 13.13 percent. Pleasure was the brand’s highest-selling scooter for September this year which recorded a sales volume of 21,648. This resulted in YoY and MoM growths of 7.87 percent and 25.86 percent.

Hero dispatched 17,191 units of Passion to dealerships across the country last month resulting in a YoY decline of 72.84 percent and an MoM growth of 16 percent. Destini registered a sales volume of 12,358 units which led to a 37 percent YoY decline and a 49.74 percent MoM growth. Maestro, Xtreme 160R and Xpulse 200 recorded a monthly sales volume of 6,1137 units, 5,996 units and 3,375 units respectively.

Exports- Hunk leads chart

Coming to exports, as many as 24,783 two-wheelers were dispatched to overseas markets by the company. This translated to YoY growth of 33.78 percent and MoM growth of 8.97 percent. Hunk was the most exported two-wheeler from Hero with 6,999 units shipped overseas. This led to a massive YoY growth of 128 percent and MoM growth of 8 percent.

Hero MotoCorp Sales Breakup Sep 2021 vs Aug 2021 (MoM)
Hero MotoCorp Sales Breakup Sep 2021 vs Aug 2021 (MoM)

A total of 6,229 units of Splendor were shipped abroad last month leading to an MoM growth of 15.87 percent and a marginal YoY growth of 0.31 percent. It was followed by Hf Deluxe and Glamour with a monthly volume of 4,843 units and 4,246 units respectively. The latter recorded the highest YoY and MoM growth of 244.64 percent and 76.62 percent respectively.

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