Biker couple on Hero Splendor – A road trip to Leh and beyond

3100 kms. 14 Days. Two astride a Hero Splendor. Riding to the highest and the most dangerous motorable roads. "Its not what you ride but it what you ride for" - Pawan and Deepika Shakya.

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Deepika Shakya is a teacher in a private school in Delhi. Pawan Shakya is a marketing analyst with Droom. The two got married last year, and this summer, they undertook one of the most strenuous road trips the world has to offer.

Deepika and Pawan are among the first biker couple to conquer Leh on a Hero Splendor commuter motorcycle. Known as The Lone Riders – they covered approximately 3,100 kms in a period of 14 days astride the Hero Splendor. And what is interesting is the fact that they managed this journey at a cost of INR 30,000, this includes stay, fuel, food, etc.

Here is a detailed travelogue and images, that Pawan shared with Rushlane.

The ride.


I am a frequent rider and had done many trips to places like Lansdowne, Shimla, morning ride to Aligarh etc (did all the rides on rented bikes or on friend’s bikes). I own a Bajaj Platina. I bought riding jackets and boots for riding purpose. And since the day I bought the same I became the target of some bikers who started making fun of me saying “Jacket pehen k platina chalaega” or “don’t tell me you will ride platina wearing all this” etc. This inspired me to do the Leh ride on Splendor, so that I can give a fitting reply to those who think that a biker is only who can ride a big bike.

The main message I want to share through this ride is “Its not what you ride but it what you ride for”.

The Daring Duo.

Day 0 – Prior to our journey

We went to Motorclub (Our bike and accessories renting partner) near shadipur metro station to collect the biking gears for our pillion riders and the bike (Hero Splendor). They told us, they could not get the bike serviced as promised and hence Mr Amit is out in the market to buy a new bike (as they promised me a splendour for the ride). I was so surprised by this, if it would have been some other bike rental shop, they would have just said sorry and would have ruined my plans.

By around 8 PM they handed over me the bike and accessories (riding jackets, gloves and helmets – for pillion riders, and other necessary accessories). From there we went straight to the petrol pump, got the fuel tank full and reached home at around 10 PM because of traffic.

I collected the bike mobile charger I had ordered and went to the mechanic (known to me) got it installed. I also bought one extra tube and brake shoes for emergency and got back home at around 11:30 PM, had dinner checked the baggage and then left for my friends place at around 1:30 AM.

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