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Hero Splendor Lookalike Electric Motorcycle – Price Rs 1.25 L, Range 140 Km

Belgaum-based manufacturer ADMS has a diversified EV portfolio comprising electric scooters, motorcycles and electric tricycle

Hero Splendor Lookalike Electric Motorcycle
Hero Splendor Lookalike Electric Motorcycle

At the 3rd edition of Green Vehicle Expo held in Bengaluru, ADMS launched its new electric motorcycle named Boxer. While the name piracy is apparent, ADMS Boxer has borrowed heavily from Hero Splendor. Excluding the concealed mid-section that houses the battery, the rest of the bike is largely a xerox copy of Splendor.

Complete details about ADMS Boxer are not available at this point of time. It has a claimed range of 140 km, which will be available when the bike is used in Eco mode. It has a lithium-ion battery pack that sends power to a hub mounted motor. ADMS Boxer has three ride modes as well as a reverse mode. Such features are now offered as standard in most electric two-wheelers.

ADMS Boxer styling

Features that are almost the same as that of Splendor include the rectangular headlamp, front cowl, front and rear mudguard, fuel tank, seat design and grab rail. Unless one gets to have a closer look at this bike, it could be easily mistaken for a modified version of Hero Splendor.

Even the suspension setup of telescopic front forks and twin rear shock absorbers closely resembles that of Splendor. However, being an electric bike, ADMS Boxer does get some unique features. For example, it has different handlebar design and positioning, chrome-tipped grips and unique switch cube.

Hero Splendor Lookalike Electric Motorcycle
Hero Splendor Lookalike Electric Motorcycle

While the cockpit section and twin pod instrument console have a familiar design, the fuel gauge has been replaced with a battery percentage indicator. The left pod has the speedometer and milometer, just like Splendor. Of course, the graphics inside the dials are different in comparison to that of Splendor.

Mid-section of the ADMS Boxer is fully faired and there doesn’t seem to be any opening for removing the battery pack. It is likely that this bike has a non-removable battery with the charging port accessible via the faux fuel tank. As complete info is not available, such details cannot be confirmed.

ADMS EV portfolio

Most electric two-wheelers offered by ADMS have a range of 100-120 km. One of the bestsellers is the ADMS-TTX electric scooter that has a rated power of 1,500W. Users can choose from battery options of 60V/30AH and 72V/45AH. Charging takes 4-8 hours. The battery is covered by a warranty of three years. Some of the key features include centre locking, anti-theft alarm and keyless entry. Mobile app connectivity is optional. The scooter is ICAT and ARAI certified.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, an option could be ADMS M3 that has a top speed of 70 kmph. The bike utilizes a 72V, 45AH battery that takes around 5-6 hours of charging time. ADMS M3 has been certified by ICAT. Upcoming ADMS products include an e-Bullet that will have a 72V, 90AH battery pack, supplying power to a 3000 / 4000 W motor. It will have a top speed of 120 kmph.


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