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Hero Splendor, Maestro, HF Deluxe – Jan to Dec 2019 sales

Hero Splendor sales record

Sales hasn’t been too grand for most manufacturers as 2019 comes to a close. Hero MotoCorp saw 2019 sales fall by 14.69 percentage for the year when compared to sales registered in 2018.

Sales contracted to 66,69,888 units in 2019, down from 78,18,511 units registered in 2018. Volume loss stood at 11,48,623 units. December 2019 sales was reported at the lowest for the year at 4,12,009 units. Sales decline is reported at 5.63 percent, down from 4,36,591 units.

For December 2019, Hero MotoCorp reports sales decline all the way through. Motorcycle sales decline is reported at 3.34 percent down from 4,17,612 units to 4,03,625 units. Scooter sales decline is reported at 41.66 percent, down to 21,220 units from 36,373 units. Domestic sales fell to 4,12,009 down 5.63 percent from 4,36,591 units. Exports for the month fell 26.20 percent to 12,836 units, down from 17,394 units.

Hero MotoCorp sales 2019
Just like Honda, Hero too failed to register sales growth for any month in calendar year 2019.

The month prior, sales reported was at the second lowest for the year. November 2019 sales was down to 5,05,494 units, down 15.9 percent from 6,01,045 units. For the ongoing FY, Hero MotoCorp reported its lowest quarter sales in Q3 FY20 with sales falling close to the 15 lakh mark over the last three months.

No doubt, the company lost volumes each month. And each quarter too. YTD FY20 sales stands at 47,10,766 units, down 13.68 percent from 54,57,465 units. In the last nine months, scooter sales fell 37.39 percent to 3,64,442 units, down from 5,82,120 units. Total sales decline is reported at 15.96 percent, down to 50,75,208 units from 60,39,585 units.

YTD FY20 domestic sales is reported at 49,46,508 units. Down 16 percent from 58,88,899 units sold for the same nine months in 2018. Exports for the period are reported at 1,28,700 units, down 14.59 percent from 1,50,686 units in the same nine months last year.

Hero Splendor iSmart BSVI and HF Deluxe BSVI have already been introduced. As the auto industry transitions to BSVI mandates from April 1, 2020, Hero has ensured the process is without bottleneck having begun with its biggest volume product, Splendor. The company has begin production at its Chittoor plant. It’s Haridwar manufacturing plant achieved the 2.5 crore units milestone at the start of the quarter gone by.

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