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Hero Vida Electric Scooter Is Set To launch On 7th Of October

Hero MotoCorp recently won the injunction raised by Hero Electric and can now use the word Hero to market their EVs

Hero MotoCorp Vida Electric Scooter
Hero MotoCorp Vida Electric Scooter

Even though both Hero MotoCorp and Hero Electric are spawned from the same Munjal family, they are two entirely separate companies. Brijmohan Lall Munjal’s company is now Hero MotoCorp and Dayanand Munjal’s company is now Hero Electric. Vijay Munjal and his son Naveen Munjal head Hero Electric. And his cousin Pawan Munjal is CEO of Hero MotoCorp.

The issue revolved around Hero MotoCorp using the trademark ‘Hero’ to market their upcoming EV range under Vida brand. If Hero MotoCorp sold their upcoming electric scooters without ‘Hero’ word or their existing dealership network, it would be fruitless for the company. However, Hero MotoCorp has won and now can use ‘Hero’ trademark.

Hero Vida Electric Scooter

With this recent victory over Hero Electric, there are now fewer hurdles for Hero MotoCorp in getting its upcoming Vida line of electric scooters ready for launch. And we have a date for Vida e-scooter launch. It’s set to launch on October 7, 2022.

Hero MotoCorp has filed patents for names like Vida, Vida MotoCorp, Vida EV, Vida Electric, Vida Scooters and Vida Motorcycles. Any one of these names or a combination might be utilized by the company. Now, that Hero MotoCorp can legally use the ‘Hero’ trademark, it’s left to be seen what the final naming pattern will be.

Hero MotoCorp Electric Scooter - Under VIDA Brand
Hero MotoCorp Electric Scooter – Under VIDA Brand

Not a lot is known about this upcoming electric scooter line by Hero MotoCorp. One thing is for sure that, like all Hero MotoCorp offerings till date, Vida lineup will also be targeted at mainstream consumer market.

What To Expect?

For starters, Hero Vida Electric scooter is likely to be mass manufactured. If that is the case, we can expect Vida to be competitively priced. Whether or not Vida electric scooters are going to be number crunchers or not isn’t known, but for certain e-scooter volumes have noticeably improved in recent months.

Hero MotoCorp is capable of marketing an e-scooter that’s cost competitive and built on decent engineering. That said, it’s first offering isnt likely to be a low speed e-scooter with top speed capped at 25 km/h either. Considering Hero’s prowess as a large volume seller, it will be interesting to see what level of frugal engineering dictates the fortunes of its electric two wheeler goals.

Hero MotoCorp VIDA Electric
Hero MotoCorp has filed trademark for the name VIDA Electric

In terms of price and features, Hero Vida electric scooter isn’t likely to be the most expensive in the young e-scooter market. What Hero already has working for it is a well put together bouquet of ev tech. This includes swappable batteries in partnership with Gogoro, charging tech from Ather, and a hub motor. More info regarding the same will be announced by Hero MotoCorp on October 7th.

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