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Hero Vida Electric Scooter Vs TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak, Ola, Ather

With the launch of Vida V1 Pro and Vida V1 Plus, Hero MotoCorp takes its maiden step towards 2W EVs

Hero Vida V1 colours
Hero Vida V1

Hero MotoCorp launched two electric scooters under Vida name. They are Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro. Hero is aiming to create a niche for itself by launching a host of other add-ons like charging infra and Vida services, for smoother ownership. Hero MotoCorp also promises to launch nationwide charging stations as well.

Hero Vida V1 Vs Rivals

Both Hero Vida V1 electric scooters get front telescopic forks and a single-sided mono-shock at the rear. Ola S1 and S1 Pro both get single-sided front forks as well. Even though there have been some reported failures of Ola’s single-sided front fork, it does make the right side very pretty and uncluttered.

Rest of the rivals get dual front telescopic forks as well. Except for iQube, every electric scooter in this comparo gets a mono-shock unit. Hero didn’t mention the disc brake sizes. Both Vida V1 Pro and V1 Plus get disc brake at the front and rear drum brake. Hero MotoCorp has offered 12″ alloy wheel sizes and tyre sizes are not yet revealed.

Because of its banana-shaped batteries neatly housed into its floorboard, Ola S1 and S1 Pro offer 36L which is the highest in this comparo. They are followed by 32L of top-spec iQube, Simple One with 30L, Hero Vida V1 Pro and V1 Plus with 26L, 450X with 22L and lastly, Chetak with 20L.

Hero Vida V1 Vs Rivals - Specs
Hero Vida V1 Vs Rivals – Specs

Both Ola scooters and Simple One boast 8,500W peak power. While both Hero scooters’ peak power is 6,000W, followed by 5,400W of 450X, 4,400W of iQube and lastly, 4,080W of Chetak. In terms of continuous power, Ola scooters take the cake again with 5,500W, followed by 3,900W of Hero Vida V1 scooters. iQube is the only one with a hub motor as Vida V1 gets a swingarm-mounted motor.

Specs & Features

Hero hasn’t mentioned torque figures either. So, Simple Energy is still the torque champ with 72 Nm, followed by Ola S1 Pro and S1 with 58 Nm. When it comes to range extracted from a single charge, Simple One is unrivaled with a claimed range of 236-300 km! S1 Pro is next with 181km, followed by Vida V1 Pro with 165 km, 450X with 146 km, Vida V1 Plus with 143 km, S1 with 141 km, top-spec iQube with 140 km and lastly, we have Chetak with 85-95 km (all range figures are claimed by their respective manufacturer).

With its secondary removable battery, Simple One boasts a total of 4.8 kWh battery. Top-spec variant of iQube stands 2nd with a 4.56 kWh battery, followed by a 3.97 kWh battery of S1 Pro, a 3.94 kWh battery of Vida V1 Pro, a 3.7 kWh battery of 450X, a 3.44 kWh battery of Vida V1 Plus and lastly, we have Chetak and S1 with 3 kWh worth of juice. Hero Vida V1 gets dual removable batteries that can be charged both internally and externally.

Hero Vida V1 Vs Rivals - Powertrain
Hero Vida V1 Vs Rivals – Powertrain

Hero didn’t mention if the prices are excluding subsidies or not. Which are likely to be inclusive of subsidies which make them a tough proposition when compared to rivals. So, Vida V1 Plus costs Rs. 1.45 lakh and V1 Pro costs Rs. 1.59 lakh. Prices vary from state to state and hence we advise you to visit your nearest dealer for an exact price quote.

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