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Hero Xoom 110 Specs, Variant Details Leak – Bigger Than Maestro

Looking at the powertrain, size and features, Hero Xoom seems to be a fitting rival to Honda Dio

Hero Xoom 110 scooter
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Hero MotoCorp is the reigning champ in motorcycles with unrivalled dominance. With products like Splendor, Hero has gone from strength to strength in the motorcycle segment. That said, Hero has not seen such success in scooter sales. This segment is dominated by Honda, with its ever-popular Activa range.

Not that Hero MotoCorp doesn’t have any scooters. It has Pleasure+ at entry-level price point, Maestro Edge 110 and Destini 125 at mid-level Maestro Edge 125 at top-level. Now, Hero is getting ready to launch a new scooter, called Xoom. It features a design language that is sporty and different from its current crop of scooters.

Hero Xoom 110cc Scooter – Homologated

New Hero Xoom scooter has been homologated and type approved at NCAT. It seems that Hero had previously homologated this under Maestro range and called it Maestro Xoom. But another document confirms that it will drop the Maestro branding, and be called just ‘XOOM’.

Hero Xoom will be positioned above Maestro Edge 110. It gets a 110.9 cc single-cylinder engine making 6.0 kW (8 bhp) of power as per NCAT type approval. Hero is launching Xoom in three different variants LX, VX and ZX. While LX and VX are dimensionally identical, ZX is 18 mm wider and weighs 1 kilo more.

Upcoming Hero Xoom 110cc Scooter - Specs, Variants
Upcoming Hero Xoom 110cc Scooter – Specs, Variants

Speaking of dimensions, Xoom is 1881 mm in length, 717 – 731 mm in width, 1117 mm in height and has a 1300 mm long wheelbase. In comparison with Maestro Edge 110, Hero Xoom is just as wide and weighs just as much. But Xoom is 38 mm longer in length, 71 mm shorter in height and has a 39 mm longer wheelbase.

This means Hero is pitching it as a sporty scooter with less bulky body and a longer wheelbase for sorted handling and straight-line stability. While every other Hero scooter currently gets its headlights mounted on the handlebar, Xoom’s headlight unit is placed in its apron. Going by its engine capacity and form factor, Xoom can be a fitting rival to Honda Dio.

Specs & Features

Just like Pleasure+ and Maestro Edge 110, Hero Xoom is also powered by the same 110.9 cc engine making 6 kW (8 bhp) of power and 8.7 Nm of torque. Mated to a CVT, this powertrain offers decent performance where price and segment are concerned. With switchable i3S tech, engine stop/start feature should ensure better fuel savings too.

Hero Xoom Scooter - Name changed from Maestro Xoom to Xoom
Hero Xoom Scooter – Name changed from Maestro Xoom to Xoom

The new X-shaped LED elements at front and back signify the Xoom name. Features like a fully digital instrument cluster with XTEC connected tech are likely to be offered with top-spec variants. Hero should have offered an external fuel filler facility, which is missing as seen in the first spy shots. Launch price of around Rs. 65-70k (ex-sh) should be reasonable for this scooter. Official prices will be revealed at the launch event on 30th Jan 2023.

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