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Hero Xpulse 200 Topple Alert Feature Launched – Automatic Notification To Contacts

New Hero Xpulse 200
New Hero Xpulse 200

Internet connected smart features make rides a lot more interactive, hassle-free and safer

First introduced with cars, connected tech has made its way to two-wheelers as well. With growing preference among consumers, many scooters and motorcycles now offer dedicated connectivity platforms. These usually work via a mobile app.

Xpulse 200 Topple Alert feature

India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer by volume, Hero MotoCorp had introduced its connectivity platform called Hero Connect in February last year. At that time, it was offered at Rs 4,999 for select models for one year subscription. It was available at dealerships in select cities.

Hero Connect offers a range of connectivity features. The Topple Alert feature is now available with Xpulse 200. What it does is that an automatic app notification and SMS is sent to emergency contacts in case the motorcycle topples. Notification is also sent to the registered mobile number. Users can select emergency contacts that they want to be notified in case the vehicle topples.

This feature can be a life saver, as timely medical help is crucial in case of an accident. Upon receiving the vehicle topple notification, emergency contacts can respond quickly to the situation. Medical help can be requested in case the situation demands. Topple Alert feature will also work to ensure peace of mind for the rider’s loved ones.

Hero Xpulse Topple Alert Feature
Hero Xpulse Topple Alert Feature

Hero has plans to introduce Hero Connect platform to other products as well. It will be made available at more dealerships and cities in the future. Since it is not cheap, especially in the context of commuter segment, Hero Connect platform will continue to be offered as an option. It is currently available for Xtreme 160R, Xpulse 200, Destini 125, Pleasure+ and Pleasure+ Platinum.

Hero Connect other features

Hero Connect system utilizes telematics hardware that includes an embedded e-SIM. It can communicate with the cellular network to establish a link between the device and application. With Hero Connect, users can track their vehicle in real-time. The path taken by the vehicle is clearly displayed and its speed is recorded.

Another key vehicle safety feature is tow away alert. This notifies the user in case an unauthorized movement of vehicle is detected. This can help in preventing vehicle thefts. Geo-fence alert is available, wherein notification is sent to the user in case the vehicle goes beyond a pre-determined geographical area. Another useful feature is Hero Locate that helps people to find their vehicle at parking locations. This feature is supported via Google Maps.

A number of reports can be accessed using Hero Connect platform. For example, details about a particular trip such as route selected, time taken, distance travelled, etc. can be accessed. The app can store details of all trips for last six months. Hero Connect can analyse riding behaviour and inform the user in case there are issues with their riding style. Users can set speed limit and receive notification in case the limit is exceeded.

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