Hesketh confirms a new Bugatti Veyron of motorcycles in 2016

Hesketh Motorcycles, founded by Lord Hesketh – who was also the owner of a Formula 1 team by the same name, has some very interesting plans.

Hesketh 24

Hesketh Motorcycles, revived by Paul Sleeman, made itself noticed when the launched Hesketh 24 motorcycle last year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Hesketh 24 was the company’s first new motorcycle in 32 years. Now, with 16 of the 24 bikes already sold, the manufacturer has already started work on their next project.

Speaking about their next motorcycle, Hesketh says that it will be launched in 2016. Any indication of how its going to be? Lets just say, if Hesketh 24 was an Aston Martin of motorcycles, our next motorcycle will be a Bugatti Veyron of motorcycles. Yes, that’s the claim they have made.

Just like Hesketh 24, the new bike will also be designed, manufactured and sold from the company’s Redhill, Surrey plant. Any guesses as to how many employees work at the plant? The firm employs just six persons.

Hesketh 24

Let’s talk a bit about Hesketh 24. It was so named after the racing number of James Hunt’s Hesketh rave car. The motorcycle came in at a price of £35,000 (INR 33,69,698). It is powered by a 56 degree aircooled S&S X-wedge V twin motor tweaked to offer peak power of 125 hp and 140 lb/ft torque mated to a five speed overdrive Baker gearbox. The bike boasts of Ohlins suspension in the front and rear while twin disc Beringer brake setup and BST carbon fiber wheels are also added.

Now, if only we could guess what the Bugatti Veyron of motorcycles would look like, or powered by or priced like. What do you think?

via The Telegraph