28 yr old pilot riding BMW R 1200 GS dies after colliding with trailer

With more and more powerful bikes being launched in India, educating riders about the need to follow traffic rules, riding within prescribed speed limits as well as wearing proper riding gear is the need of the hour.

With great power comes great responsibility. This is true, especially when you are driving a very powerful vehicle on public roads. With more and more powerful cars and bikes being launched in India, the number of high speed crashes are also on the rise.

But this does not mean that we should ban such vehicles. In fact, it is up to us to use them sensibly. Most of the time, people blame quality of the vehicles for crashes. But the truth is, the rider / driver is at fault most of the time. If not you, then the person you collide with. Most of the time it is human error.

Mumbai based Varun Bamrotia was an experienced biker who liked to go out on long rides every weekend. This weekend, Varun left his home in the morning to go for a ride on a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle. He was heading to Manor, from his home in Ashish Complex, Bhayander (West). Varun had told home that he will be back by noon.

On his way to Manor, at about 7-30 in the morning, Varun met with an accident. His BMW R1200 rear-ended a trailer on the Mumbai – Ahmedabad highway. One of Varun’s friend, who was riding along with him that morning, said to Mid Day, “When we reached near the Sativali bridge, there was a trailer in the middle lane. Varun was set to over take it, but when he was about to cross, the trailer suddenly came in the first lane and Varun came under its rear tyre. Varun’s brother Kunal was also with us. We all ran towards the trailer, but the driver had fled. After that, we called the police and took him to the nearest hospital, but he was declared dead before admission. Varun was a very safe rider.” Police have registered a case of accidental death and arrested the driver of the trailer.

India is registering a rise in number of deaths due to speeding. This accident comes a few months after the Ducati Diavel accident which was also reported in Mumbai. Subhan Baugwala, a 18 year old resident of Mumbai was gifted a new Ducati Diavel as birthday gift. He had turned 18 just 4 days ago the accident. The INR 15 lakh worth bike delivers 162 hp power and has a top speed of over 272 kmph.

Sadly, the birthday gift turned fatal when he was riding the bike along with his friend one morning. Subhan and Sultan Patel (pillion) were on their way to college in Bandra. According to eye-witnesses, the accident took place when the bike skid after it crossed the reclamation bridge junction due to overspeeding. The bike skid for some distance and then crashed into the divider. This resulted in both, Subhan and Sultan being thrown off the bike.

Soon a large crowd gathered and the duo were rushed to Bhabha Hospital. At the hospital, Subhan was declared dead on arrival while Sultan is still fighting for his life in the ICU. As for protective gear, Subhan was wearing a helmet, but Sultan was not wearing any.

It is not clear whether Subhan was an experienced rider, or was new to riding such powerful bikes. Sadly, this is not the first time such a case has been reported, where a young rider of a new powerful bike has died in a crash.

A few months back, Milan Patel, 21, was knocked down by a passing vehicle while returning home. He was out visiting his relatives and friends on his new Harley Davidson Street 750 motorcycle, which he was gifted a few hours before the accident. The impact was such that Patel hit a divider, causing instantaneous death.

milan patel harley davidson
Milan’s Harley Davidson Street 750 after the accident. Day or night, near or far, always wear protective riding gear and helmet all the time when riding.

Milan Patel was gifted the Harley Davidson Street 750 which costs about Rs 6 lakhs on road, by his father earlier in the day. This was his birthday gift, he had just turned 21. The accident took place at 11.30 pm, when Patel was returning home after showing his brand new bike to relatives on Waghodia Road, Vadodara.

Patel’s family were with him, but were in a car. They they reached home early and eagerly awaited Patel’s return. When Patel did not return home after some time his brother called up his cell phone which was answered by a bystander who informed him of his brother’s accident.

There are no indications on the vehicle which rammed into Milan’s motorcycle but the severity of the accident indicates that both vehicles were travelling at high speeds. Patel, who was to get married later that year, was an engineering student who was also helping his father in his business.

Readers are advised to be careful when riding or driving, especially such powerful machines. When we are in control of such powerful machines, not only we are in danger of causing harm to ourselves, but also to others.