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Highway in Korea protects cyclists and generates electricity (Video)

While this unique highway in Korea may seem as a green initiative, there is a serious safety concern. The two narrow, central bike lanes are barricaded by guard rails but there is the concern of safety as cars travel at high speeds across the 20 mile (32 kms) stretch that connects the two towns which are located about 2 to 3 hours outside Seoul.

Aerial video of this special bike lane with solar panels was shot via drone, and is now uploaded on Youtube. The video also captures the scenic beauty of the surrounding areas, taken in the fall of 2014, shows that it is completed and in operation. The solar panels generate power besides offer protection to cyclists against the vagaries of nature such as sun and rain. This unique implementation, will surely catch the eye of many city planners across the globe, hopefully resulting in more such lanes.

As the world focuses on renewable energy, one finds solar panels, also called Photovoltaic cells just about everywhere. They are installed on roofs of buildings and offices to bring down cost of electricity. The world’s first solar road has also opened in the Netherlands converting sunlight into energy. This is a 230 foot long like path in the town of Krommenie which has been tested and developed by SolaRoad. The pathway is made up of concrete modules with solar cells covered by a thin layer of tempered glass. The energy thus created powers both street and traffic lights.

But, there are negatives to this as well. Not everyone likes SolaRoad.

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