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Himalayan Highs – ZEST of finally achieving the impossible!

The biking fraternity in India is woven by a myriad of stories. Whether it is Sunday morning rides, riding with a biking group, taking off at free will, spreading a message, or riding across the country – there’s something for everyone who’s willing to give it a go.

Following Anam Hashim’s successful solo ride to Khardung La, TVS has now triumphantly concluded a successful series with a larger group. This time around it was an 11 member all women riding group from diverse backgrounds testing the might of the TVS Scooty Zest. Chosen from across the country, the group comprised of women from across an age group. The Himalayan Highs 2 journey brings together tales of accomplishment, achievement, open roads, newly forged friendship, and the prowess of the TVS Scooty Zest 110.

The journey on scooter was made solo by each of the riders all the way from Mandi to Khardung La. And while there have been discussions plenty on whether or not Khardung La is the highest motorable road or not, its reputation shines bright. This is a challenge that’s marked in the calendars of all riders.

What makes the Himalayan Highs 2 saga extraordinary is its steadfast belief in doing the difficult in an overbearing vehicle. The checklists that riders mark off enroute to Ladakh are endless. Yet, here is a 110cc TVS Scooty Zest that’s done it many times over through this one novel road trip. The journey isn’t just one of personal achievements, but has truly put this scooter through the paces, and proven its riding capability.

To begin with, while routes are permanent the roads up north throw up plenty of surprises. Weather conditions can change in less than 5 minutes. So, yes keeping this scooter steady and being confident it will ride across stones, no roads, slush, puddles, dust paths and icy sheets, does seem difficult to do, but maybe it’s all in the mind.

What has for long been the domain of larger and more powerful bikes is slowly becoming an open playfield. With larger bikes, power is manageable and the ride steady, there’s issues with seat height and the need to touch the ground with your feet. This continues to be an issue for wine riders. Well, not anymore.

The Himalayan Highs 2 made was a colourful ride, with the peppy range of Zest scooters in their bright colours.

Himalayan Highs 2 is being presented to a larger audience through an interesting multiparty web series that captures and highlights the essence of each leg of the now concluded trip. Amit Masurkar (of Sulemani Keeda Fame) has worked upon the last of the web series to capture the very end. It encapsulates emotions, joys, and achievement, making a statement and goodbyes, while marking the beginning of lifelong friendships forged on the road.

Follow their journey here:

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