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Hitachi ROPITS is a self driven car that will take orders from your smartphone


Hitachi of Japan has revealed their new ROPITS – Robot For Personal Intelligent Transport System. This is a small, one person car which will obey your tablet or smartphone. See the video and images here to understand the new mobility solution from Japan.

Hitachi ROPITS (7)1This miniscule car uses GPS to transport its single passenger. It was revealed recently by Hitachi in the city of Tsukuba. This car is programmed to pick up and drop passengers automatically.

Once inside the car, you can feed in your drop point via a smartphone or tablet. However, in case of changing the location or direction programmed initially, drivers can make use of a joystick controller located in its cockpit.

Hitachi ROPITS comes in handy and is originally designed to cater to those with mobility constraints which are seen among a large number of Japan’s aging population. It is ideally suited to move in and out of crowded streets and pedestrian spaces and is equipped with GPS to guide the way. Laser distance sensors keep a look out for obstacles in its path while a gyro sensor allows it to stay upright even on uneven road surfaces. Passengers need to only indicate their destination via a touch screen map and leave the rest to Ropits to get them to their destination.


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