Cops caught on camera hitting biker riding without helmet on wrong side

The Honda Dio rider was without a helmet, was riding on wrong side of the road and failed to stop when summoned by the cop on duty.

The accompanying video shows off how Mumbai cops tackled a scooterist who broke not one but three traffic regulations. The rider in question was riding without a helmet.

He was on the wrong side of the road and blatantly ignored the traffic cop’s signal to stop. He instead tried to escape but did not go very far as he was caught, kicked, thrashed and bike keys were removed from the scooter.

While cops tried to bring the scooterist to book, who will punish the cops for irregularities conducted in the name of power? The traffic cop(without proper uniform) can be seen in the video hitting the rider with a baton and kicking him to such an extent that made the scooterist lose his balance.

Someone in the crowd even asked the cop to remove the bike key. This is not allowed by law but the cop continued to do so with utmost authority. Watch the video below.

This is not the first and neither will this be the last such incident of blatant abuse of power by the police. They think they are above the law and can treat ordinary citizens in any way they please and they will not be taken to task by the higher authorities.

A similar incident occurred a few months ago when a pregnant lady, riding pillion with her husband, fell off the two wheeler and died all because the cop stopped and kicked the scooter as its rider was not wearing a helmet. There are many such incidents that have come to the fore after being captured on CCTV and helmet cameras.

Isn’t it high time someone punished these erring cops who wield their batons at hapless citizens?