HOG India Born 2 Ride organizes The Brotherhood Ride (Photos & Video)

Born 2 Ride is a Harley Davidson Motorcycle owners group based in New Delhi, India. It has been founded by 5 biking enthusiasts who would like to promote biking as a leisure sport but with enhanced safety standards. Born 2 Ride has been founded by Ikjot Singh Bhasin, Manish T Gupta, Sid Oberoi, Rake Chauhan and Karan Malhotra, all of whom are passionate bikers.

Earlier this weekend, Born 2 Ride in association with HDFC Bank, organized The Brotherhood Ride which saw the participation of over 150 superbikes gather in Gurgaon on Sunday morning. Riding only on bikes that have engine capacity of 800 cc and above, the organization hopes to bring super bikers and pleasure cruisers on a common platform. These enthusiasts hole to take this concept on a national level while also targeting the Asia Pacific region.

Born 2 Ride also has its own Facebook page where enthusiasts can sign up to participate in events or follow the activities of the club on their various escapades across the country. Through the endeavors of this club, bikers are expected to follow a safe, responsible and yet enjoyable way of biking which is something that needs to be portrayed in the country.

One of the participants, said, “150 odd super machines.. jamming with respective music from their engines on the roads of DELHI – NCR !!! Thank you Born 2 Ride Motorcycle Club and whoever was involved…!!!”

Rake Chauhan said that at the Brotherhood Ride, there was 215600 cc (18480 Bhp) of brute power on two wheels, 60000 cc (5400 Bhp) of symphonic power on four wheels, ‘The brotherhood ride’ makes it a great success. Other riding groups which were part of this event include, G.O.D.S, FRMC, Brotherhood, HRMC, HOG’s of Delhi.

Have a look at the images below.


Harley Owners Group India – Born 2 Ride, The Brotherhood Ride