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Holland Fiat India Pvt. Ltd introduces GPS/GPRS system for tractors

The Holland Fiat India Pvt. Limited plant situated in Ludhiana, Punjab has announced the adoption of a new GPS/GPRS technology for tractors.  This system of Global Positioning System will enable farmers and agriculturalists to keep a closer watch on their tractors.  With this GPS/GPRS system, it will be possible to monitor tractor usage and guarantee better handling, control and maintenance while at the same time ensuring that it is being put to optimum use and offering increased productivity.

This new technology called SKY WATCH was on display at the PAU Kiran Mela held at Ludhiana where visitors got a chance to learn about the new technology, which can be fitted to tractors.  It drew huge crowds of eager spectators and caused a great deal of excitement.

A Company Official went on to say, “At New Holland we are committed to understanding our customer needs and offering them innovative products. Our journey continues: we strive to give the best technology, best comfort and best performance always. Tracking the Tractor health & performance parameters is becoming a prime focus of the farmers and plays a major role in the development of mechanized agriculture. Now SKY WATCH is ready to offer many new services at a finger tip: farmers will be benefited by getting timely reminders on Service schedules, alerts for any unusual variations in many parameters. This will facilitate the most appropriate maintenance of the tractor to keep it up and fully efficient. Farmers can now relax with a free mind about their Tractor when away from them.”

He added, “New Holland is set to expand owing to the market dynamics & the farmers Expectations. We always believe in offering the best in class products with latest technology, through our nationwide dealer network. Our focus continues to sharpen the understanding of customer needs & CUSTOMER DELIGHT. We are confident that the SKY WATCH is one more step in this direction to ensure our customers are always ahead of times”

This system would be beneficial in tractor rental business.  More than 30% of tractor owners rent out their tractors and this would give them regular updates on condition, performance and maintenance of their tractors while in hands of lessees. Those owners of New Holland tractors 5500 and 3630 TX can also get the SKY WATCH GPS/GPRS kits fitted into their present tractors.



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