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Home delivery of petrol and diesel to be a reality soon in India

In a bid to cut long queues at fuel stations and to encourage digital transactions, Oil marketing companies – Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation are mulling home delivery of petrol and diesel. This would not only increase digital transactions in this sector but would also offer more conveniences to the consumer.

As on date, over 350 million persons visit fuel stations on a daily basis while an amount of INR 2,500 crores worth of cash transactions take place. The Petroleum Ministry has tweeted that this option of online booking and home delivery of petrol and diesel is being planned which would benefit consumers who spend excessive amounts of time waiting in long queues at fuel stations.

Today there are 38,128 retail outlets across the country with over 86% offering digital infrastructure. Post demonetization, oil companies are offering a 0.75% discount on cashless transactions while 72,000 e-wallets have also been activated. A recent survey conducted showed that cashless transactions have increased from INR 150 crores prior to demonetization to INR 400 crores per day as on date.

The government is mulling vehicles carrying petroleum products which can be deliver to the doorstep much in the same way as LGP gas is delivered. Imagine this, you leave office at 8 in the morning. On the way you need to refuel, but you don’t have time and are getting late to reach office. On top of this, there is a huge queue at the fuel station. Here is an alternative. Order fuel online, set the delivery time as 7 AM. By the time you are ready to leave for work, your car is refuelled. Time saved.

The move will also signal fresh jobs in the oil retail markets more specifically in rural areas where farmers have to drive their tractors over miles for a fuel fill-up which is usually located near the highway or on state roads. Direct online booking and home delivery of petrol and diesel will also break the stranglehold that petrol pump dealers have over the retail markets.

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