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Honda Activa Hybrid Launch On 23rd Jan ? New Launch Teaser Out

There is a very high possibility that Honda 2W showcasing smart hybrid tech branded as H-Smart on January 23rd

Honda Activa Hybrid Launch Teaser
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Honda 2W is currently the No 1 scooter manufacturer of India. Sales easily hover around 1.5 lakh units per month and peak at up to 2.5 lakh units per month during festive seasons. Honda markets Activa brand unlike anything else. We recently saw a glimpse of it in a billboard war between a few delivery apps.

Honda 2W just dropped a new teaser on social media. According to this, Honda is planning to introduce a new tech on January 23rd, 2023. With words like H-Smart stealing the spotlight in the teaser, there is a lot to look forward to.

Honda Activa Smart Hybrid Scooter?

For years, Honda 2W used to come slapped with HET stickers on their scooters and motorcycles. It is abbreviated to Honda Eco Technology. This sticker used to be on almost every 2W that came out of the Honda factory in the BS4 era. Now, it is eSP. Honda says that eSP is a globally acclaimed technology to reduce friction and improve combustion.

This eSP sticker is slapped on almost every Honda 2W post-BS6 transition. Based on Honda’s new teaser on social media, it seems like there is a new tech that the company is working on. This teaser clearly indicates a curated harmony between man and machine. In this case, a machine is not a literal machine. Instead, it is AI.

New Honda Activa Hybrid Launch Teaser
New Honda Smart Hybrid Launch Teaser

We can also see a new term on top. It is H-Smart. The name indicates that Honda is developing a new kind of hybrid system that is aimed at improving efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint and running costs for owners. On the surface, it can be speculated that Honda is developing a new smart-hybrid system that has a separate battery and is recharged with regenerative tech like found on an EV.

The hand of a machine and AI words indicate that Honda is using self-learning AI algorithms to observe and record user riding patterns and deploy best possible methods to recharge batteries via regeneration. Stop/start feature can also be a part of upcoming H-Smart tech. Considering Activa is their best-selling scooter, it could be the launch of Honda Activa Hybrid on 23rd Jan 2023.

What To Expect?

Something similar is found on Yamaha Fascino and Ray ZR. Yamaha claims 60 km/l fuel efficiency on these and few users swear by it as well. All Honda motorcycles with this new tech will get H-Smart branding on them to signify it.

There is a possibility of Honda showcasing a high-voltage strong hybrid architecture as well. With around 0.5 kWh of battery and a starter motor/generator, Honda can offer around 10 to 15 km of pure electric range at around 40 km/h speed. For longer commutes, ICE is always at the user’s disposal. This would be a halo tech that won’t probably make it to budget vehicles.

Whatever it is, is likely to be offered with budget commuters and scooter lineups to increase fuel efficiency figures. There would be a price hike accompanied with this new tech as well. Before introducing EVs, Honda seems to be keen on bringing hybrid tech to their 2W lineup.

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