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Honda Activa Smart Key Launch Price Rs 80k – Car Like Keyless Features

One of the key highlights of Activa Smart is an advanced security system that has been trademarked as ‘H-Smart’

Honda Activa Smart Key Launch
Honda Activa Smart Key Launch

India’s largest selling scooter, Honda Activa has received generational updates and other features at regular intervals. Special editions have also been launched from time to time.

In 2023, Honda has launched Activa Smart variant. Featuring an advanced security system, this new variant of Activa is best suited for folks who face a higher risk of their vehicle being stolen. People who park their vehicle in open parking or on the streets can significantly reduce the risk of theft with Activa Smart variant.

Honda Activa Smart Key – Remote Functions

Activa Smart Key functions are similar to the ones we see in cars these days. With the smart key in range, you can unlock the scooter, start the scooter, access boot space, open the fuel lid – without removing the key from your pocket. It also has an auto-lock function. Once the smart key goes away from the range, Activa Smart will lock itself. Smart Key Activa variant also gets new alloys and a new colour option.

Apart from these features, it improves overall security of Activa. Vehicle theft is a global phenomenon and not limited to any specific geography. It’s only the number of thefts that varies from region to region. Honda bikes are popular across the globe, which makes them one of the preferred targets for vehicle thieves. For its premium bikes like CBR650R, CB650R and CRF1100L Africa Twin, Honda already has an advanced security platform named Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). H-Smart is a low-cost version of HISS, specially designed to be used for Honda’s entry-level two-wheelers.

Honda Activa Smart Key Variant Price
Honda Activa Smart Key Variant Price

H-Smart is difficult to crack, as it utilizes a contact-based mechanism to open the lock. This is different from the standard remote keyless system that utilizes radio signals to communicate the commands such as lock and unlock. Although the radio signals are secure, they can still be cracked by advanced scanning devices. As Honda’s H-Smart utilizes a contact-based mechanism to match the code, it is difficult to copy or replicate in real time.

H-Smart also makes things easier and hassle-free for users. It is automatically activated, as soon as the key is taken out from the scooter. Of course, the handle lock is still there, which will continue to function as the first level of security.

As vehicle thefts are quite rampant, Activa’s H-Smart security platform can emerge as a preferred option among consumers. As it is highly relevant from a practical perspective, other Honda two-wheelers will also get this feature. Even other OEMs could introduce similar features with their respective models. Take a look at the official TVC below.

When the smart key is in range, it shows on instrument console
When the smart key is in range, it shows on instrument console

Honda Activa Smart engine, specs

Performance numbers are largely the same as earlier. Activa Smart is powered by a 109.51 cc motor that generates 7.85 PS of max power and 8.84 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to an automatic transmission. Activa has an underdone frame with telescopic front forks and 3-step adjustable spring loaded hydraulic rear suspension. It has 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels, with 130 mm drum brakes at both ends.

Dimensionally, there are no changes to Activa Smart variant. It is 1833 mm long, 697 mm wide, 1156 mm tall and has a wheelbase of 1260 mm. There’s only a slight difference in weight, with Activa Smart being 1kg lighter than the standard variant that weighs 280 kg (GVW).

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