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21 yr old rides Honda Activa through Killar-Kishtwar route – Video

Honda Activa through Killar-Kishtwar route

21-year old Karan Bir Singh has crossed the Sach Pass and Killar Kishtwar Road on an Honda Activa.

Karan Bir Singh, 21, has taken the Honda Activa to roads and heights that no man has gone before on an auto gear bike. A college student, an avid biker and currently working at a manufacturing unit in Mumbai, Singh has put an Honda Activa to the test like never before. A surprising fact is that Singh does not own his own vehicle and borrowed the Honda Activa from his mother who uses it for office commute.

Singh’s journey took him across the Sach Pass and Killar Kishtwar Road which is regarded as the world’s most dangerous road. Singh started his journey from Jallandhar, his hometown, across the route and back to Jallandhar in a matter of 72 hours.

He tackled this risky journey on the Honda Activa but faced some difficulties due to small tyres, lack of power due to higher altitude, bad brakes and no gears. High altitudes, difficult terrain, sheer drops and treacherous cliffs also added to the danger but Singh dared these difficulties as he had this circuit on his mind for the past few years.

The success of the journey has elated Singh who was also regaled by the army, police and locals for being the first person to complete the Sach-Killar-Kishtwar circuit on an auto geared bike.

More images from his journey at – spoiledgeniuz


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