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Honda Amaze facelift with refined NVH levels launch next year

honda to reduce diesel engine clutter

Honda’s 1.5 liter iDTEC engine, currently doing duty on both Amaze and City and to be installed on the new Mobilio MPV and Jazz, has proved itself as a fuel efficient, yet powerful diesel engine. However, despite these accolades, it is the strong engine clatter permeating into its interiors that has caused a major issue and which the company is in the process of tackling.

honda amaze diesel drive to discover chennai nellore vijaywada vishakhapatnam vizag 2013 (52)Honda wishes to further refine their 1.5 liter iDTEC engine. This additional engine sound is primarily due to the fact that the engine is made of all aluminium. It is much noisier than other diesel engines seen on various diesel models of other manufacturers in the country. These engines are fashioned out of cast iron allowing for better noise absorption and quieter sounds.

Honda Amaze diesel is noted for being a much noisier car than the Honda City diesel, due to certain corrections made where noise insulation is concerned in the latter. The upcoming Mobilio will also receive added insulation thereby making it quieter than the City while the same steps will be taken in the Jazz, all of which come in powered by the same 1.5 liter iDTEC diesel engine.

honda to reduce diesel engine clutterThese changes will also be seen on board the Amaze facelift coming in next year wherein the compact sedan will have advantages over its present day model in the fact that interiors will be quieter. Honda is also planning to introduce sound deadening effects on its other diesel models thanks to feedback received from customers which has made the company take this step and make necessary changes.

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