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Honda City, Amaze, Civic, Jazz, WRV, BRV – 10 years warranty details

Honda 10 years warranty

In a first of its kind warranty scheme launched in India, Honda is offering 10 years warranty for all its cars. Named as ‘Anytime Warranty’, the scheme provides coverage of “1 Year / 20,000 Km”. Customers can opt for this warranty till the age of their vehicle is up to 10 years. To be eligible for Anytime Warranty, the car’s age has to be less than 7 years and odometer reading should be less than 1 lakh kilometres.

One of the best things about Honda’s new Anytime Warranty program is that customers can choose this warranty even after their standard or extended warranty has expired. The only difference will be that cost will be slightly more in case of customers who opt for Anytime Warranty after the expiry of their standard/extended warranty.

Honda currently offers 3 years standard warranty and 4th and 5th year extended warranty. Customers who opt for Anytime Warranty in continuation of their earlier warranty and have a proper service record will have to pay less as compared to customers who have a break in warranty and have improper service record. For all customers, the cost of Anytime Warranty will keep increasing every year.

Honda 10 years warranty

The primary benefit to customers under Anytime Warranty is that they will get free repair or replacement for all parts covered in the warranty program. Another great thing is that customers can get this warranty at any Honda dealer. The warranty is provided by Honda Car India Ltd., so customers can approach any Honda dealer to get Anytime Warranty. However, the dealer has been given certain rights to exercise the discretion while approving Anytime Warranty for a Honda car.

Before taking Anytime Warranty, customers can have a look at the various components that are covered in the warranty. Cost of repairs or replacement and labour charges will be completely free of cost.

In case a car breaks down, customers can approach the nearest Honda dealership to get the free repairs / replacement. They will have to carry the new vehicle warranty booklet and Anytime Warranty document to avail the free services. However, the final decision about free repairs / replacement will be taken by Honda Car India Ltd. or its Dealers.

Under the terms and conditions of Anytime Warranty, customers will have to follow standard maintenance procedures, as described in Honda Owner’s manual, new vehicle warranty booklet and Anytime Warranty document. That means servicing at regular intervals and proper care and maintenance.

Honda’s Anytime Warranty is transferable, so there won’t be any issues even if a customer decides to sell their car. It can actually give the owner a higher resale value, as Anytime Warranty is proof that the car has been properly maintained and serviced.

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