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Honda CB350 First Service Cost Details – Cheaper Than RE Classic 350 ?

Honda CB350 First Service Cost
Image – Abhinav Bhatt

The Honda CB350 is the most affordable product in the company’s BigWing lineup – Is the service cost affordable?

Honda BigWing, the premium motorcycle outlet network of the Japanese brand, has commenced deliveries of the much hyped H’ness 350 retro-classic motorcycle a few days ago and one of the first customers managed to clock a little over 700 km in 8 days and logged his experience through a video.

Honda CB350 first service cost

Service and Maintenance costs are among the major factors which buyers take into consideration before purchasing a new car or a bike. Royal Enfield Classic 350’s low service cost has been a major factor that has helped the bike become a leader in the segment. Honda CB350 has managed to match the Royal Enfield in terms of looks / design, beaten in terms of power / torque. But will the CB350 manage to beat RE Classic 350 in terms of service and maintenance costs?

The Honda CB350’s first free service is scheduled at 1,000 km, and as expect, the motorcycle was subjected to regular inspections and consumables change. It is to be noted that the CB350 can be serviced only at Honda BigWing centers of which there are only a handful in India at the moment. However, given the volume potential the most affordable Honda premium bike, the company would be expanding the presence of its BigWing outlets briskly.

Coming back to the first service, the motorcycle received new engine oil (Idemitsu 10W30) which is priced at INR 1,066 for 2 liters, a new oil filter which is priced at around INR 63.55, O-ring for 103.92 and a washer for 3.12. Honda does not charge the customer for labor and washing during the free service. Below is the detailed video by Abhinav Bhatt explaining the first service of Honda CB350.

Since the motorcycle is equipped with a maintenance-free viscous air-filter, it does not require regular cleaning but needs to be replaced once in 18,000 km. Honda CB350 first service cost stands at Rs 1,469 including all taxes. In comparison, cost of Royal Enfield Classic 350 first service is about Rs 1,300.

Honda CB350 First Service Cost
Honda CB350 First Service Cost is under Rs 1,500

Honda CB350 Free Services

Honda offers three free services for the CB350 and this means you only pay for the consumables and not labor. The second free service is scheduled at 6,000 km or 6 months while the third and last free service is scheduled at 12,000 km or 1 year. The roadster has a service interval of 6,000 km. Once the free services are lapsed, Honda BigWing stores will be charging around INR 700 as labor charge in addition the prices of consumables.

Honda Service Quality

The Honda BigWing outlets have been handling only low volume sportsbikes so far but with the CB350, the premium service centers are expected to have a significant increase in the quantum of business. The Honda CB350 is expected to force most of the BigWing stores to expand their service capacities.

The Honda CB350 first service video by the customer shows that the technicians paid good attention to detail by checking the fasteners, adjusting the clutch lever and throttle for play, calibrating the chain slack and checking the tyre pressures. The customer who was recording the whole process from the comfort of the owners’ lounge was left impressed by the quality of work Honda BigWing’s service personnel displayed.

This is a far better service experience than given by Royal Enfield. But we also have to consider that this was the first Honda CB350 that had come for service. Will Honda manage to maintain similar levels of checks and maintenance once sales and service outlets increase; only time will tell. For now, it seems Honda has come all prepared to offer some serious competition to RE; who has enjoyed a near monopoly for years in this segment.

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