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Honda CB350 Highway Touring Performance – Top Speed, Acceleration

Honda CB350 Top Speed
Honda CB350

Rival to the Royal Enfield Classic 350, new Honda CB350 deliveries have now started in India

In a series of videos, YouTuber Abhinav Bhatt has been providing detailed reviews of his ride experience with recently launched Honda CB350. In this latest upload, Abhinav talks about the motorcycle’s performance on open roads, its cruising speed, top speed, etc.

Honda CB350 cruising speed

According to the rider, Honda CB350 can handle a consistent speed of around 100 kmph. But, it seems to be more comfortable to drive at around 80-90 kmph. However, this is an entirely new bike, so it won’t be appropriate to quote these numbers as facts. Below is the video that details CB350’s performance and handling in the real world.

It is possible that the bike’s performance may change after it adds more kilometres and completes its initial servicing schedule. Road conditions and riding skills also come into play when determining the comfortable cruising speed of a motorcycle.

A good thing about CB350 is that it is vibration free. According to the rider, he does not feel any vibrations coming from the foot pegs or handlebar. There’s only a slight hint of buzzing from the rear view mirrors. However, this is not something that one cannot live with.

Talking about some of the negative aspects of the motorcycle, the rider says that the seats are slightly hard. The experience is similar with the stiff suspension as well.

This is clearly evident when the bike hits a rough patch on the road. It seems to create an uncomfortable bounce. However, having a stiffer suspension can be beneficial also, as it ensures smooth cornering at high speeds.

As in city traffic and off-roading conditions, using the clutch and changing gears is an effortless experience on open roads as well. In first gear, CB350 can comfortably touch around 15 kmph. In second gear, the bike’s speed can be in the range of 20 to 70 kmph. Third gear easily supports up to 90 kmph. Anything beyond that will be better to tackle with 4th and 5th gear. According to the rider, the fifth gear seems a bit like an overdrive.

Honda CB350 top speed

The top speed clocked by the rider in this test run is 115 kmph. It could have been more, but the rider did not rev it further, as this is a new bike. Also, this bike is made for comfortable cruising and not high-speed racing. Even in case of rival Royal Enfield Classic 350, most users would recommend cruising speed of around 100 kmph.

The rider has said that he will upload some more videos on Honda CB350 in the coming days. Some of these will include night time drive experience, mileage, etc.

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