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Honda CBF Stunner production stopped


Honda CBF Stunner sporty looking 125cc bike is no longer produced. The bike has not been selling well due to a few possible reasons enlisted thereby Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India pulled the plug on the product.

honda-cbf-stunner-fiFor starters, Honda Stunner was a bit overpriced; athletic front fairing emerging from sides of fuel tank seemingly did not justify its market price. Four stroke, 2 valve, air cooled 125 cc engine in Stunner produced only 11 PS maximum power and 11 Nm peak torque, mated to 5 speed (one-down four-up pattern) gearbox, which did not cope up with the bike’s sporty looks. Even the fuel injected version of Honda Stunner, which was launched later, did not catch market attention. Stunner weighed 130 kg and there was hardly any enthusiasm in performance.

Honda CBF Stunner was strictly a city / commute purpose motorcycle due to lacking high range power delivery, not to mention rock hard seats. Stunner featured split seats, disc brake and black alloy wheels. When the bike was launched in 2008 it did not feature a tachometer, which was added years later. In short, the bike shined in looks and handling department but failed to convince buyers to be stuck with average performance and mileage. If only Honda had fastened a more powerful motor to Stunner, we would’ve known if it had the chance of survival, which we think it did. Now that bikes with higher power are available in similar price range, there would’ve been no reason to keep the product alive, and HMSI realised that.

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