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Honda CBR 250R for CAMPUS STUD Personality Contest winner


Participants stand a chance to win a Honda CBR 250R through Honda Campus Stud. Students need to charm their way into the competition, amuse judges with their wit and take away prizes in style. Participate and prove to the world that you’re the stud-liest of them all!

Eligibility Criteria sees 1 official participant per college. Online entries will be considered on a first come first basis. OTSE entries will be considered on a first come first basis. All participants must be registered college students.

HONDA CAMPUS STUDJudging Criteria is based on Wit & Creativity, Intelligence, Versatility, Delivery, and Personality. Eliminations – No of participants – 1. There will be 2 knock-out rounds.

In the Finals – No of participants -1. Rounds will be revealed at location. Rules are as follows. No cheating/prompting allowed. For those who reach the talent round of the finals, the requirements should be submitted immediately after the zonals. Only if the props are approved can the participants use them in the talent round.


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