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Honda CBR250R completely destroyed in a crash with Jaguar XE

A Honda CBR250R rider was badly injured when he collided with a Jaguar XE at high speed. The accident took place late at night in Mumbai’s Marine Drive. Being late in the night, roads were pretty much free from vehicular traffic. This resulted in the vehicles travel at relatively higher speeds.

The said Honda CBR250R rider was travelling straight. With a junction approaching at the Air India building in Nariman Point, the rider decided not to slow down as there was hardly any traffic. But, there was a Jaguar XE which was about to enter his lane. And it did enter.

It is not clear as to whose fault it was, but the end result is quite tragic. The resulting crash saw the Honda CBR250R getting smashed into the side front door of the Jaguar XE. The rider flung off the bike and landed on the car’s windscreen. Passengers inside the car were also injured due to the impact, in spite of the side airbags going of.

The youths on CBR were Mangesh Patil and Shashank Wadke were soon rushed to nearby hospital, and are currently under observation. The four passengers inside the XE were Manushree Shah, Atith Shah, Isha Multani and Ronak Daftary. Isha and Atith were injured in the accident. Ronak, who was driving the car, is not injured, reveals Mid-Day.

Accidents between cars and bikes are very common in India. Earlier this month, a bike rider astride a Bajaj Dominar 400 cruising comfortably on the road while he is closely followed by a Hyundai Getz. The two vehicles, though they were moving in the same direction, were keeping a safe distance from each other when all of a sudden one sees the Getz trying to overtake the Dominar even as a bus is coming from the opposite direction.

The car crashes into the side of the Dominar, who is flung to the side of the road. The accident occurred on a highway on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

The road had no divider and had traffic moving in both directions. The road, did however have a solid white line which indicates ‘no overtaking’ but the driver of the Getz throws caution to the wind and surges ahead of the biker.

It can be clearly noted that the driver in the Getz races ahead on the same gear without downsizing or accelerating. He misjudges the speed of the oncoming bus and swerves to the left in front of the biker, causing a crash wherein the biker is thrown off his bike.


Earlier today, we reported how a car driver was sent to prison for 15 years, when he intentionally swerved into a biker. The incident here is not very different. It is the car driver’s fault, who misjudged the overtaking maneuver. The right thing to do at such an instance is brake, and slow down, let the bus pass, and then once the road is empty, he could have overtaken the Dominar rider. Sadly, the car driver has not been charged for this.

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