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Honda CBR250RR production confirmed to start by March 2016

Honda CBR250RR (lightweight super sport) hi res photo (26)

Showcased in concept format at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda CBR250RR will rival the likes of Yamaha R25 and Kawasaki Ninja 250.

Honda has confirmed that the production of their CBR250RR motorcycle will commence in the Astra Honda Motor factory in Karawang, West Java from March 2016. This will be a trial run of production, while the first lot is expected to hit the production line by end of Q2 2016.

Set to arrive in showrooms across Indonesia by Q3 2016, Honda CBR250RR will also be exported to markets across the globe by the end of next year. Though it is too early to confirm, but initial buzz at the Tokyo Motor Show stall suggested that the bike will indeed make its way to the country.

honda cbr250rr concept

Honda CBR250RR is expected to be the fastest and most powerful motorcycle in the segment.

To be launched at an expected price of around IDR 60 million (INR 2.70 lakhs), Honda CBR250RR will be sold alongside the existing single cylinder Honda CBR250R. Compared to the CBR250R, the CBR250RR is being touted as a track focused motorcycle, built to become the best in segment, be it looks or performance.

2016 Honda CBR250RR is powered by a new 250cc twin cylinder engine with estimated peak power of 35-40 PS. This engine is mated to a six speed gearbox. It receives upside down forks, sleet twin LED headlights and LED DRLs besides clip on handle bars, a high capacity fuel tank and split seats. Honda CBR250RR which is slated to be the production version of Honda Light Weight Super Sports Concept will also be seen with LED tail lamp, monoshock rear suspension and disc brakes on both wheels.

Honda Lightweight Supersports (CBR250RR concept) – Photos

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  • China Intoaah Hollaatchaboi

    Wondering if they can start make 2016 fairing kit for mc22 at the same time.

    • David Duffin

      And the ’19!

      • China Intoaah Hollaatchaboi

        ^^^^^as well mate haahha

  • Kim Van

    Still shit 2 cylinder

  • Gareth Szentessy

    mc22 or should I wait? Hahaha

    • Tim Murray

      you could buy 3 mc22’s for what this is going to cost haha. it’s just an r3 competitor.

  • Nelg Mullsy

    For those who think they need a brand new bike.

  • Ben Freifeld

    People who buy this will shoot themselves once they go out for a ride and get passed by every mc22 out

  • Fernando Pang

    i personally wouldnt mind 2 cylinders, as long as its got the old RR performance and handling

  • Jon Snow

    You’re not going to get MC22/MC19 level performance from a new generation LAMS approved bike sadly.

  • Narelle Hearn

    Meh ?
    My MC22 is still way better…