Honda’s new CR-V TVC celebrates World Cat Day

A new Honda TVC shows the new CR-V being assessed by cats. The video is in celebration of International Cat Day and the ‘catvertising’ campaign has rightly been titled ‘Meow is the Moment’. It shows off a number of cats who check out the new Honda CR-V which sends the cats into raptures as they sing a rendition of The Go-Go’s 1984 hit ‘Head over Heels’.

The Honda CR-V video is created by RPA and directed by Jared Eberhardt and runs for 30 seconds. The video is a part of the company’s summer clearance campaign which is called ‘Now is the Moment’ and went live on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

The TVC shows Honda CR-V is being assessed in a Honda showroom by the fully feline cast, with cats playing the parts of customer and sales staff interacting with the vehicle. The cats look at the new car and speak to the sales cat for assistance on features and functions.

International Cat’s Day was first celebrated for the first time in August 2002 by International Fund for Animal Welfare and has been celebrated since then every year on the 8th of August.

Honda CR-V, the suburban family SUV is in its fourth generation. Increased dimensions, added interior space and a host of storage spaces are the highlights of this Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.