Honda Civic engine catches fire near Delhi Airport: Owner suffers death by burning

Honda Civic engine catches fire near Delhi Airport Owner suffers death by burningIndian Express reports, 32 year old man, Rajesh Mira died inside the Honda Civic, as he was unable to get himself out of the car. Passersby and onlookers, came for help, but failed to extinguish the fire, which erupted from the engine.

The tragic incident took place at the 200m long Indira Gandhi International Airport underpass. According to eye-witnesses and the watchman on duty, the car got completely engulfed in flames within no time. Many tried to get Rajesh get out of the car, but the efforts were futile. Rajesh too tried very hard to get himself out of the car, but the central locking system had jammed and soon he was engulfed in flames.

The underpass has 8 fire fighting devices, but non of them were working at that time. This has resulted into a blame game between Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). DIAL is the one, who is responsible to maintain the underpass, while DMRC is the one who constructed the underpass. DIAL says, the fire extinguishing equipment never worked, while DMRC says that a switch needs to be replaced at one of the waterpumps, and that job is of DIAL.

Rajesh’s life would have been spared, had the car’s center locking system not jammed or the water pump would have been functional. Nobody has come forward and taken responsibility, yet. Honda India is yet to issue an official statement.

This incident is similar to the one which occurred last year, where a Volkswagen Vento had caught fire during ignition and the owner was trapped inside. Even that time, nobody had taken responsibility. Who should be held responsible in such cases? Leave your comments below.