Honda FCV Concept debut at 2015 NAIAS, refuels in 3 mins

Honda Motor Co officially debuted its Honda FCV Concept at Detroit where the company also made announcements of a host of new battery electric and plug in hybrid vehicles being launched over the next few years.

Honda FCV Concept
Honda FCV Concept

This new FCV Concept, the second fuel cell concept from Honda, which is yet to be christened will be making its way to company showrooms by 2016. Once it is on sale it will be seen powered by a fuel cell electric powertrain with output of around 100kW. It will have a drive range of over 300 miles and it will take upto five minutes to refuel its hydrogen tank. With capacities to seat upto five adults, the FCV Concept will be seen with a fuel cell stack that is 33% smaller than that seen on the Honda FCX Clarity while power density is enhanced by 60%.

Honda has also announced new four cylinder VTEC Turbo engines which are to be produced from the Ohio engine plant and will be launched sometime during this year. Honda is investing $340 million in the Anna Engine Plant from where these engines will be produced which will see the use of domestic and globally sourced parts.

Expansion of hydrogen refueling stations is also the need of the hour if next generation fuel cell vehicles are expected to be successful. For this, Honda has entered into an agreement with FirstElement Fuel with investment of $13.8 million for construction of hydrogen refueling stations across California.