Honda FCV production model (Toyota Mirai rival) unveiled

Following two concept cars, the Honda FCV production version has finally been previewed online ahead of its world debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show which opens the doors for media on October 29. The FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) will pickup a fight with the Toyota Mirai which went on sale in its home country late last year. It remains to be seen whether Honda will use a different nameplate or continue with the abbreviation.

Honda’s FCV is the first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to accommodate the entire powertrain paraphernalia within the space used by a conventional IC engined powertrain. This arrangement is claimed to have eased up enough space in the cabin for 5 passengers to sit comfortably.

The automaker says that the FCV production model will have a total driving range of 700 km (453 miles) which is better than its Toyota counterpart. The Japanese version will also be equipped with an external inverter, converting the car into a mobile powerhouse. No further details have been released yet.

Honda FCV production model interior
The interior design and layout are neat and bear no obvious signs of the unconventional powertrain lurking under the hood.

Visually, the car features the latest Honda design language with a long slung face, chrome grille insert that runs into sleek LED headlamps and a contrast coupe-ish roofline. The interior opts for an uncluttered design with a neat instrument console and a tablet-sized touchscreen infotainment system.

The Honda FCV production model should give the company a sizable leverage for CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) norms.

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