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Honda fires up new McLaren F1 engine and reveals audio of it revving


For the first time, Honda has fired up their new F1 engine, and they have also given us the opportunity to listen to the sound. This is the engine that will power McLaren F1 car in 2015.

Honda fires up new McLaren F1 engine and reveals audio of it revvingFrom 2014, Formula 1 will shift from existing 2.4l V8s to 1.6l V6 turbo’s. Earlier we had the opportunity to listen the the sound of a Mercedes 1.6l V6 engine around the Monza and now Honda reveals the sound of their engine. McLaren F1 cars are currently powered by Mercedes, and their contract expires in 2014. So for next year, i.e. 2014, McLaren will retain Mercedes engine, but from 2015, they will get Honda F1 engines as per the recently signed contract. The engine you hear in the video below, is the same that will power McLaren F1 in 2015. We have also embedded the sound of Mercedes F1 V6 engine. Listen to them both and decide which sounds better.

Manabu Nishimae, President of Honda Motor Europe Ltd, commented, “It is exciting to hear the cry of our new born Formula One engine for the first time. Our engineers are working hard to develop the engine and we are all looking forward to the start of the 2015 season.”


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