Honda Gresini team driver Hiroshi Aoyama will race solo at the 2011 Valencia MotoGP in Spain: In honor of Marco Simoncelli

Saddened by the crash that led to the death of team driver Marco Simoncelli, Honda Gresini team had earlier withdrawn their participation from the upcoming Valencia MotoGp at the end of this week. They have now said that the team will be participating. 24 year old Simoncelli, the Italian MotoGP rider, died after receiving severe head injuries on October 23.

The accident which took place during the Malaysian MotoGp at Sepang two weekends ago occurred when Simoncelli came in the path of oncoming riders Colin Edwards and Valantino Rossi. Simoncelli fell off his bike and was hit on the head, as his helmet flung off, causing severe head injuries.

Team Chief Fausto Gresini said that they took the decision once again to participate after earlier withdrawing as this was what Marco would have wanted. It was the only way to honor his memory. Speaking of Simoncelli’s love for the sport, Gresini said that this participation was in a way honoring their team mate with what he would have wanted them to do, and that is go ahead and participate in the races. Hiroshi Aoyama will be the sole team driver at the Valencia MotoGp. Yuki Takahashi and Michele Pirro would participate in the Moto2 event.

Fausto Gresini, Honda Gresini Team chief had this to say on the MotoGp website.”The decision to participate was not an easy one but we have made this choice as it is what Marco would have wanted.” “Going out on the track at Valencia is definitely the best way to honour him by doing what he most loved to do: Ride and experience the world of MotoGP.” “This is why I believe the best show of affection we can make to Marco is by lining up our teams and riders for this race.”