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Will you drink Honda H2O bottled water? (Video)

Honda H2O bottled water

What would you do if you were asked to drink water which was collected from the exhaust pipe of a car? Will you drink that water? Well, that is what Honda is asking you to do as they have introduced a new bottled water brand, called H2O.

Honda H2O bottled waterHonda, a car company noted for its sustainable efforts, has introduced bottled water brand called H2O . This bottled water brand is being launched as an effort to draw attention to the fact that their hydrogen fuel cell powered FCX model produces pure drinking water as emission.

Honda FCX is the world’s first mass production car that utilizes compressed hydrogen instead of petrol. By introducing H2O, Honda is demonstrating their commitment to reducing carbon footprint while at the same time projecting the FCX as a clean and green model of today.

H2O water brand was launched at Palace Cinemas across Australia where it was offered free of cost and placed on drink holders in cinema seats. Each bottle had a label offering information on the origin of the water while the company hopes that this water will soon make its way to Honda showrooms and service stations across the country.

Honda Australia and Leo Burnett Melbourne have regaled that the exhaust of compressed hydrogen powered Honda FCX contains water that is clean and potable that it could be bottled. The word ‘could’ denotes that the water in this bottle is not an actual byproduct of the FCX but the company’s way of demonstrating its hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Watch the ad below and let us know if you would drink Honda H2O or not in the comments section below.

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