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Honda Jazz 2014 variant to stay more or less similar in design

Do not expect much of a change in design where the new 2014 model of Honda Jazz is concerned. Reports reveal that the design will stay similar to the previous model while certain detailing will be more aerodynamic but the daylight opening with be similar to that seem on the current model. Honda Jazz will also be seen with a new chrome bar grille seen on the Brio, complete with Honda emblem while new LED lights brighten up the headlamp assembly.

Honda Jazz will possess a 1.2 liter four cylinder CRDI engine. Performance will be enhanced and the Jazz hatchback will also be more spacious as compared to other such hatchbacks available in India. Jazz will compete with both i20 and Swift in the hatchback category.

Honda sales and profits are bit low as on date. Honda’s City sedan and Brio hatchback are the only two models bringing in volumes. The company has to resort to heavy price discounts so as to increase sales of City and Jazz and with the current demand for more diesel run vehicles, Honda will also need to bring in more diesel vehicles if they want to breathe new life into their status in the Indian markets.


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