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Honda Micro Commuter Electric Vehicle Prototype

Honda has unveiled a micro sized mobility option known as the Micro Commuter Prototype. Testing for this model’s capabilities will begin in Japan in the beginning of 2013. Through these tests, Honda will be evaluating the performance of the vehicle on its ability to carry out tasks like short distance transportation for families and older people as also car sharing feasibility. This model has space for a driver and two small children within its small structure.

The variable design platform used for this car allows components like the battery, motor and control unit to fit under the floor of the vehicle. Maximum speed of the vehicle has been recorded as 80 km/h while its range has been registered as 60 km. it take about 3 hours to charge the battery of this vehicle which has a maximum output of 15 kW.

There are solar panel on the roof to help to charge tablets which will be used to monitor meter display, navigation and audio. Honda is also looking to induct usage of solar cells to help improve driving performance of the car.


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