Honda MSX125 (Grom) Concepts attend 2016 Bangkok Motor Show (LIVE)

The Honda MSX125 mini motorcycle which is also known as the Grom is easily one the most popular two wheelers in Thailand. During our short stay in the suburbs of Bangkok, we came across hundreds of customized MSX125’s which indicate that there is a huge demand for after market accessories for the model. So it’s no surprise that Honda has three authorized accessory part makers in H2C, Gcraft and Kitaco. Here are their respective accessorized concepts.

Honda MSX125 H2C Concept

Honda MSX125 Concepts at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show
The list of accessories also includes a stylish storage compartment.

The MSX125 H2C is accessorized with blue tinted headlamp, golden finish for the fork, a glossy black visor for the instrument console, fuel tank cladding with H2C logo, a belly pan, custom rear foot pegs, stylish rear view mirrors and a neat looking storage compartment on the pillion seat. The diminutive urban runabout is finished in yellow.

Honda MSX125 Gcraft Concept

Honda MSX125 Concepts at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show
The Gcraft concept sports silver engine guard and grab rails.

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Finished in red, white and black, the snazzy concept adopts accessories such as rear view mirrors that are mounted on the edges of the handlebar, fuel tank cladding with Gcraft logo, engine guard and silver grab rails.

Honda MSX125 Kitaco Concept

Honda MSX125 Concepts at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show
The Kitaco MSX125 is adorned with headlamp guard, knuckle guard and luggage carrier.

The classic red and black Kitaco MSX125 has more accessories on board than the other two. It sports red color bolts on front disc, headlamp guard, Kitaco logo on the tank extension, knuckle guards, wheel sliders, golden finished components on the engine head, red rim tapes, smoked taillight, pillion-mounted luggage carrier and a rear mud-guard.