Honda NeuV Concept showcased at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Designed to offer a fully automated ride sharing service, the new Honda NeuV Concept gives a glimpse into the future urban transport.

Honda NeuV Concept, pronounced ‘new-vee’ stands for ‘New Electric Urban Vehicle’. It’s European debut follows its first showing at CES earlier in 2017.

While private car ownership is meant to help make daily commute easy, quick, and comfortable, the truth is ‘privately-owned vehicles sit idle for 96% of the time’. As a city car, Honda NeuV Concept could in fact help car owners make money if used as an automated ride sharing service when the owner has parked it by being in service at local drop points.

Honda NeuV Concept can also sell energy back to the electric grid when it‘s sitting idle during periods of increased demand to further monetising vehicle down time.

It’s functionality as an AI assistant uses an ’emotion engine’, HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant). It learns from driver habits by detecting emotions behind judgments and applying them when making new recommendations.

Honda NeuV Concept features scissor-like doors for easy cabin access. The side panel opens out and backwards to create more access space.

A ‘Kick ‘n Go’ electric scooter concept is stored in the luggage space behind the two seats. Designed for ‘last mile’ transit, in its new avatar it’s powered by a detachable battery rechargeable through a port in the luggage space. Honda NeuV looks at overall affordable electric mobility.